Police: Please Don’t Have Gatherings We Need To Investigate!

1st Selectman Jim Marpe says:

“The Police Department continues to receive reports of large gatherings at private residences. Do not put Police Department personnel in the uncomfortable, unsafe position when they need to investigate these reports.

“We are in this together, but all of us must do our part in obeying the recommendations and maintaining a high level of vigilance so that we can flatten the curve. This includes social distancing at all times in public areas and private homes and yards.

“Westport is known for its creative, artistic roots. Let’s put this spirit to use and show how we can connect and remain distanced from our neighbors and friends in innovative, ingenious ways.”

In other selectman news, the Connecticut Chapter of the NFL Players Alumni has purchased surgical masks for first responders in southwestern Connecticut.

Westport resident, Staples High School graduate and former NFL player Skip Lane was among those who presented a case of the masks to Marpe and Police Chief Foti Koskinas.

Marpe notes that surgical and homemade masks for personal use are now recommended by the CDC when we need to leave our homes. Use of these masks does not eliminate the need for social distancing.

Also, homemade and surgical masks have been added to the list of eligible donations accepted by the Public Works Department. These masks will be used for first responders and town staff. Click here to set up an appointment for pickup.

(From left) 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, former NFL pro Skip Lane and Police Chief Foti Koskinas, with much-needed surgical masks.

22 responses to “Police: Please Don’t Have Gatherings We Need To Investigate!

  1. Caryl Beatus


  2. “The Police Department continues to receive reports of large gatherings at private residences. Do not put Police Department personnel in the uncomfortable, unsafe position of needing to investigate these reports.”

    In the mythical town of ‘Hadleyburg’, there live people who have seen Faeries and Unicorns prance and dash across their yards. One even saw Pan skipping by, surrounded by nymphs and wood sprites. These same people, who themselves have entitled and unassailable pedigree, always called the police…


    Your headline doesn’t really match what Marpe said. He said don’t make them have to investigate by not breaking the guidelines. Which would eliminate the need to call. Your headline says don’t bother them.

  4. Luke Garvey

    I think your subject line misinterpreted the Marpe message. He’s not saying “Don’t call to report gatherings.” He’s saying “Don’t HAVE these gatherings”.

    Otherwise, thanks for the updates. Keep em coming.

  5. Seems the police could more easily avoid an “uncomfortable” confrontation if people didn’t have large gatherings at private residences to begin with.

  6. Bill Strittmatter

    Say what? In New York police are actively busting up groups and efforts in many places have shifted from “encouragement” to “enforcement”. Even Funerals. Cuomo has increased the fines for violations to $1,000. As Cuomo says, “Now is not the time to be reckless”.

    Why does Westport not want to do it’s part to “bend the curve”? Should the state police be called instead? Is some sort of enabling legislation required?

    • Tom Feeley Sr

      If the police find a party of more than 25 people they should have the right to quarantine the house and lock them all up in there for at least 14 days‼️🇺🇸

  7. Adrian Little

    The police put themselves in “uncomfortable and unsafe situations” every time they respond to a domestic violence call, and for this action we are always very grateful. Why should breaking up a group be more uncomfortable than that?

    If there are selfish members of our town community who think that the rules don’t apply then they need to have the rules enforced and that is, with respect, the job of the police – To Protect and Serve.

    If the problem is that there is no misdemeanor charge that can be brought against residents who willfully ignore “recommendations” then that is a problem – I guess the semantics will argue that obey and recommendation cannot exist in the same sentence.
    I bet that we are at the stage now where every one knows someone that has been impacted by the virus so it defies comprehension that groups are still forming and I would urge the First Selectman to give instructions for more enforcement not less, for all our sakes.

  8. Commenters are correct. My original headline was misleading. It’s been revised to note that the police are requesting not that people not call, but that the gatherings should not occur in this first place.

  9. John D McCarthy

    “The Police Department continues to receive reports of large gatherings at private residences.” This is unbelievable.

    • Werner Liepolt

      Astonishing as well.

      Especially so in that it appears that those who held the March 9 party which the NYT made notorious and made Westport the Corvid19 hotspot of Connecticut HELD ANOTHER large party last weekend!

    • William M Banks

      More PC nonsense!
      Get the cops over there and bust these gatherings up pronto.
      The Westport Police never seemed to be “uncomfortable”, when they were busting up our teenage parties, and we are now at alot more risk with these entiled ‘adults’, flash mobbing during a pandemic, then we were with a keg of beer!
      Shut them all down now!
      This entiled Westport/New York City escapes party crowd, has gone on way to long.
      Stop it now, or they are going to get us all killed. Selfish bastards!

  10. Cristina Negrin

    I jump to the conclusion that the large gatherings are Juveniles and college students under the age of 21 just guessing

  11. Despicable that anyone is gathering outside of their own household right now.

    Also, that photo op has those folks too close to each other. Surgical masks do little to stop the virus. Why put everyone at risk for a photo?

  12. Morley Boyd

    The mask donation story is, of course, a nice one. It’s just a little unfortunate that it was seemingly hijacked for a (cringe inducing) photo op.

    • Lori Frankin

      So a rather large group of dog owners let their dogs play freely off leash with eachother at Grace Salmon Park off of Imperial Avenue this evening. A couple of dog owners were somewhat beligerent to Animal Control when they showed up. COVID 19 can be spread in these situations unwiittingly (carrier pats non-infected dog owner’s dog, then non-infected dog owner touches his or her own dog etc.) Let’s leash our dogs everywhere in Westport to protect eachother and, especially, those of us who may be less able to survive being infected with COVID 19.

      • Dogs might even carry the virus . My k9 is rarely leashed. He is confused why he is on a leash all the sudden . Better safe than sorry

  13. really people ????? stop have large gatherings and parties .. what is wrong with you people ??!

  14. Stacy "Please God Get With It" Prince

    I’m just scratching my head here at that picture. Mr. Marpe is not modeling good social distancing (just like at that silly library forum), and he’s wasting perfectly good gloves and mask for a PHOTO OP!

  15. Jack ( active imagination) Backiel

    I have a reasonable answer to all this. Remember when you were very young, you had imaginary friends? Well, resurrect them. Last night I had a party at my condo and 25 beautiful women showed up and brought me gifts and many called me a “stable genius.” I’ve never been happier in my life.

    • Jack Backiel

      Actually, I’m so bored I went outside and knocked on my own door and then came inside and said “ Who is it?” (Dan should have a posting where everyone tells a funny joke to make people laugh. I hope this one made you smile)