Photo Challenge #273

There are a lot more sheer rock faces in Westport than I thought.

“06880” readers took a break from hand washing, social distancing and toilet paper hoarding last Sunday to guess where the latest Photo Challenge might be.

Michael Tomashefsky’s rock wall (click here here to see) was — according to numerous wrong guessers — either off I-95 Exit 17; behind the Sherwood Diner; behind the Gault barn on South Compo; in the parking lot behind Trader Joe’s; at Erickson’s Pond (where is that?), or near the bridge by the Levitt Pavilion (huh?!).

It is, in fact, near 95 — but Exit 18. The exact location is behind the commuter parking lot on the Sherwood Island Connector, diagonally across from the transfer station.

There’s plenty of rock there. As well as history. In the early 1700s, that area was the site of the very first Greens Farms Congregational Church meetinghouse.

Congratulations to Brian Taylor, Andrew Colabella, Wendy Cusick, Jerry Kuyper and René Fontaine.

Special props to Fran Taylor, who nailed it despite having lived in Kentucky for the past few decades. Then again, she grew up right around the corner from the Photo Challenge wall.

I guess it’s her rock of ages.

Before responding to this week’s Photo Challenge, please read carefully:

We’re not looking for where these figures are today (behind a home on Hitchcock Road).

We want to know where would you have seen them from 2001 to 2008?

If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Howard Silver)

27 responses to “Photo Challenge #273

  1. Near Baker RD/St?

  2. Amie Appleton Greenspan

    The parking lot where Starbucks used to be, and is the new location of Earth Animal.

  3. Saugatuck Elementary

  4. The Historical Society?

  5. Cheryl McKenna

    Behind Elise Black’s house on Darbrook Road on her trees as she is the artist 👨‍🎤
    Saugatuck Elementary has her sculptures in the parking lot now

  6. YES,,, we miss Elise BLACK❤️❤️❤️Made these
    Darbrook in the woods

  7. What used to be Bedford Middle School on Riverside Ave and is now Saugatuck Elementary School

  8. South Compo Road

  9. Love it! We moved almost 50 years ago — gah!!!! I was always intrigued by that steep stone cliff and remember that the police and fire department had to rescue one of the McGinnis boys (Richard?) who had climbed half way up and then froze. Couldn’t go up and couldn’t get down. It was in the ‘60s and that was gold for bored kids in the neighborhood. As I recall, he was a bully so that made his predicament even more delightful! So, many thanks for putting that image up as a Photo Challenge. It brought up fond memories!

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  10. A guess based on a fuzzy memory:
    Outside Bedford Middle School (originally Staples HS) on Riverside Ave. Maybe in the parking lot.

  11. Wow – this is a hard one. So far, no one has come close. Keep guessing!

  12. At the Westport Arts Center when it was on Riverside Ave?

  13. Mary Ann Batsell

    They were in the artists’ yard on Kettle Creek
    Rd in Weston. Erickson’s Pond is the lake
    At Signal Lake Rd off Greens Farms Rd
    Behind the former Jacob Javitts Estate
    It was formed from land being dug and used to build the Thruway (I 95).

    • Wendy Cusick

      Signal Lane
      Also if you type in Signal Lake it sends you to a business on US RT 1 across from Fresh Market as per Google Maps
      Interesting history about Jacob Javitts estate New Yorke Senator and Attorney. He owned other properties or was a trustee of Westport properties.

  14. dorothy abrams

    Near the end off half mile common?

  15. Nope. You’re all still wrong. Hint: The artwork was inside a retail building in Westport.

  16. Amy Schneider

    Toys R Us?

  17. Wendy Cusick

    The clue might be the photographer?
    The Silver’s were a family business in Westport in Compo Shopping Center on US RT 1.
    The retail store might be Silver’s of Westport

    • Good guess, but wrong. No relation!

      • Wendy Cusick

        Another question Dan, looking for another clue (or clues).
        Does this retail store still exist and is still standing?
        (The name of the retail might have changed)
        Did these 3 characters sit in a big picture window of the store or where they deeper inside on display?

  18. Sharon Paulsen

    At The Remarkable Bookshop?

  19. Cheryl McKenna

    In the atrium building that now hold the gap store
    It was offices and had a wonderful large atrium in the middle that had these sculptures by Elise Black !

  20. Cheryl McKenna got it right (above). It’s the building that now houses the Gap. It used to be a “vertical mall,” with 4 stories of stores and offices. Very “un-Westport,” hard to navigate and find places, and ultimately reimagined as the Gap.