Photo Challenge #272

I’ve run some weird images as Photo Challenges.

On its face, there’s nothing strange about last week’s. It showed a pleasant domestic scene: rocking chair, clock, old-fashioned radio, pastoral farm painting.

What made it odd is that it can be found in a very public place: above the produce section at Fresh Market, on the Post Road. In fact, there are several similar scenes throughout the store.

Who knew? Not I — and I shop there. Photographer Evan Barr had to clue me in.

Morley Boyd knew, of course. He knows everything. Sylvia Corrigan and Robin Levey did too.

Most readers were as clueless as I. But I’m sure all of us will look up a lot more the next time we check out the radishes and raspberries.

You, meanwhile, can check out the photo — and the comments, which veered into other realms, since most readers had no idea where the photo was taken — by clicking here.

Meanwhile, if you know where to find this week’s Photo Challenge, click “Comments” below.

One hint: It’s not at Fresh Market. Or anywhere else indoors.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #272

  1. Greens Farms Rd near Compo

  2. Brian Taylor

    Across from public works dept. On sherwood island connector.

  3. Richard Anzalone

    I-95 exit 17

  4. Crossing the bridge to the Levett pavilion?

  5. Is this the cliff behind the Sherwood Diner on the Post Road?

  6. I-95 Ramp entrance going south at Exit 17.

  7. Jonathan Maddock

    Remnants of excavated hill by Erickson’s Pond

  8. The parking lot behind Trader Joe’s?

  9. Is that an Angelina’s gluten-free pizza crust, with kale topping?

  10. Behind the Gault Barn off of South Como

  11. Andrew Colabella

    Greens farms road still the corner of compo road south and greens farms hollow

  12. Wow – I guess there are a lot of these cliffs in Westport. It is off I-95 — in this case, near Exit 18. To be precise, it’s the commuter parking lot on the Sherwood Island Connector, diagonally across from the transfer station.

  13. Wendy Cusick

    Rock face along Greens Farms Rd
    (facing I-95)

  14. The rock face along the Sherwood Island connector.

  15. Anita Galvan-Henkin

    My guess is it’s behind the Sherwood Diner.

  16. Jerry Kuyper

    I think Brian Taylor nailed it as well at 12:05. Although it wasn’t as precise, I knew he identified that was it, across from the town dump

    Brian Taylor | March 15, 2020 at 12:05 pm | Reply
    Across from public works dept. On sherwood island connector.

  17. René Fontaine

    Sherwood Island connector commuter parking lot.