Photo Challenge #271

How good are “06880” readers?

Good enough that you can identify a random, falling apart, Rube Goldberg-esque collection of pipes, beams and machinery perfectly.

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed what remains of Rogers Septic Tanks, on the Post Road near Maple Avenue. (Click here for the photo.) 

Morley Boyd and Diane Bosch both knew exactly what and where it was.

According to Caroly Van Duyn, who took the intriguing picture, the building has stood for 120 years. Cast concrete septic systems were made there. It may be Westport’s last manufacturing facility,

Caroly went inside, and was fascinated.

“It was quite amazing, with signs of handmade ingenuity and craftsmanship through the machinery,” she says.

“As an artist myself, I am hands on in my own work. And as a working-class citizen, I am constantly reminded of the blood, sweat and tears that made our community.”

Rogers Septic Tanks will not last much longer. It will be demolished soon, and replaced by new homes.

This week’s Photo Challenge is also a tough one. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Evan Barr)

14 responses to “Photo Challenge #271

  1. Slightly creepy vignette at Fresh Market

    • Empty chairs are always a bad sign. I have the fear that the kindly grandmother whose body was taken over by dark forces saw me coming and is now approaching from behind with a large piece of cutlery. This is why I prefer Trader Joes; you might get run over in their parking lot but at least you won’t get carved up in the produce isle.

      • Wendy Cusick

        Morley, you have quite an imagination along with your sense of humor.
        These authors came to mind Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe and Clive Barker (along with a few movies that I can’t remember their titles at the moment) after I read your comment

  2. Bob Weingarten

    Must be in a store since hearth doesn’t appear to be real.

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Well, having chuckled ay Morley’s response and then agreeing with Wendy I need to comment. Look’s like a Seth Thomas Clock. The vintage rocker is a bit too old to be mine so I won’t be coming after Morley. The brass “thing” to the left with fake stuff in it seems out of place. Looks more like an umbrella holder that belongs near the front door. I do remember radios that looked like that……we gathered round and as kids had to be silent while dad listened for WWII news.
    So, I can’t wait to hear where this really is.

  4. Mary Schmerker

    OOPS misspelled and didn’t catch it . Maybe the rocker is mine.

  5. Mary Ann Batsell

    Is it the Women’s Club on Imperial
    Ave or their little curio shop?

    • Fred Cantor

      That is exactly what I was thinking—because it looks like some kind of model display that might be found there.

  6. Sylvia Corrigan

    Fresh Market?

  7. Not much gets by Morley — we know that. And Sylvia, congrats too. You are both not only right, but quite observant. The weird photo above shows one of several domestic displays found above the produce section at Fresh Market on the Post Road.

    I shop there a lot, and have never seen it. I’m sure I’ll be one of many customers who look up a bit more, the next time I’m there!

  8. Amy Schneider

    I was going to say Westport Community Theater set? But now I’ll have to look for it at Fresh Market!

  9. Bob Weingarten

    I have a very similar, if not the same, antique standing radio that needs a good home. Anyone interested in purchasing, please contact me at my email of – although most of yo u know that already.

  10. I think this is from the Fresh Market display