Photo Challenge #270

REO Speedwagon is one of those fairly popular, somewhat forgettable 1970s and ’80s bands.

They sold over 40 million records, and hit the Top 40 13 times. Their most famous song is “Keep On Loving You” — unless you’re from Westport, and know your musical trivia.

If so, then last week’s Photo Challenge was a no-brainer. It showed a mailbox at 157 Riverside Avenue. (Click here for the photo.)

That’s the address of a house REO Speedwagon rented in 1970, while recording their first album (in nearby Bridgeport). Apparently the band is still together, with a few original Speedwagons. Also apparently, “157 Riverside Avenue” is still a concert favorite.

The actual 157 Riverside Avenue was not a favorite with historical preservationists. It was torn down in 2011.

A new home now sits on the lot opposite Saugatuck Elementary School. But — thanks to the mailbox — the band and the song live on. (Scroll down for bonus features: the song and lyrics.)

Congratulations to Fred Cantor, Matt Murray, Bruce Taylor, Ralph Balducci, Derek Fuchs, Wendy Cusick, Jill Turner Odice and Adam Schwartz. We don’t give out concert tickets — or any other prizes. For knowing your rock history though, you get 15 minutes of fame on “06880.”

This week’s Photo Challenge has nothing to do with music. But it has everything to do with Westport. If you know where you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Caroly Van Duyn)

We flew into town on Sunday, had to find a place by Monday
Tried Bridgeport and Westport, ’til we found a place that we thought would do
157 Riverside Avenue.

Saugatuck River’s flowin’, mother nature’s colors were showin’
So cold, so rainy, we couldn’t help feelin’ blue
Not enough time, too many things to do.

We met a young girl on Main Street, wanted to just pass her by
She was homely, so lonely, she said, “can I make love to you?”
We shouted 157 Riverside Avenue.

It’s over, Miss Lena, we’re leaving, such a pleasant stay, I must say.
So nice, so easy, we hate to say goodbye to you
At 157 Riverside Avenue.

12 responses to “Photo Challenge #270

  1. Brian Taylor


  2. Wow, this is a place that the public has some kind of access to? It might be part of that boat storage/repair area behind the old Saugatuck Post Office—but that is a guess that could be way off the mark.

  3. Total shot in the dark: looks like what one might expect to see inside the Roger’s Septic Tank facility. Or the Zodiac Killer’s….

  4. Roger’s Septic on Post Rd East. Waiting for demolition and new housing units.

  5. Jonathan Maddock

    Inspiration for a Rube Goldberg cartoon.

    At first I thought Gaults, but I can’t imagine that they would allow this entanglement of potential dismemberment to exist on their property.

    Whatever/wherever it is, it appears due for scrapping.

  6. Jay Tormey '66

    Gault’s Barn off South Compo

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Music fans of 06880 go to Adam Reader’s Professor of Rock and Professor of Rock VeVO on YouTube and subscribe awesome channel. This is his current interview with Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon (and Facebook and Instagram) and webpage
    REO Speedwagon is still very popular and not forgettable in my book.

    Now to the Photo Challenge…
    The Gault barn on Compo Rd S.
    Wakeman Town Farm on Cross Highway
    (I thought Salko Farm but that’s Hulls Farms Rd in Southport. I forgot Long Lots changed names at the border)
    Sturges Highway has a barn but I believe it’s been converted to living place and a business

  8. This was a tough one. But Morley Boyd and Diane Bosch nailed it. It is indeed Rogers Septic Tanks on the Post Road, near Maple Avenue. Well done!

  9. Peter Hirst

    I don’t think it’s even there any more but just for old times sake I’m gonna say the rock crusher at the Gault gravel pit between Imperial Avenue and Compo Road just north of Maple Grove Ave on the Imperial Ave side

  10. Susan Huppi

    Never knew this…fun Westport trivia!

  11. Peter Birch

    REO Speedwagon played at the Warner Theater in Torrington just this past year, not dead yet…..