Westport Police Honor Women

The Westport Police Department says:

Happy International Women’s Day to the women of the Westport PD.

They are officers, dispatchers, protectors, enforcers, leaders, educators, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends.

Thank you for all that you do to Lt. Jillian Cabana, Sgt. Jill Ruggiero, Sgt. Sereniti Dobson, Sgt. Sharon Russo, Detective Ashley DelVecchio, Detective Erin Shaw, Officer Ruta Pratt and Officer Rachel Baron.

We also celebrate our amazing civilian staff Dispatcher Lynn Marshall, Traffic Agents Mariah Ventrella and Diane Apicelli, Joyce Cruz, Carmen Figueroa, CJ Sereno, Aleta Franklin, Mary DelFlorio, Joan Lasprogato and Bria Meier.

3 responses to “Westport Police Honor Women

  1. Sal Liccione

    These women do a great job for our pd and serve our town of Westport rely good

  2. I brought a tray of goodies over last night to the Police station after the AWARE fundraiser @ POP’T ART Gallery last night and handed it to a Woman Officer. Glad I thought to do that on my way to bring the rest of the food to the Gilespie Center. What a wonderful community we live in.

  3. Sylvia Corrigan

    Congrats to the women serving the Westport PD! Thank you!