Unsung Heroes #138

This one’s a no-brainer.

If you are anyone who, over the past couple of weeks, has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are an Unsung Hero.

Perhaps you:

  • Man and woman the Westport Health District — performing coronavirus tests, administering aid, answering questions, soothing nerves
  • Serve in emergency operations with the police, fire, EMS departments — or anyone else in government called on to plan, execute, render assistance or in any other way help the town
  • Work in a medical practice, helping some patients who may have been infected and many more with their usual ailments, knowing all the while you had more contact with, and less protection from, sick people than anyone else

  • Are teaching students online, while at the same time soothing nerves, offering non-school advice, and ensuring continuity of education despite having never done so before
  • Are a school custodian or maintenance worker elsewhere who put on a mask and gloves, and spent days deep cleaning every square inch you could find, and did it well, despite your very real fears and anxieties
  • Own a business, and decided (or had to) to shut down, for the good of the community, and despite all your fears, still worry more about your employees and customers
  • Work in a store or market overrun by panicked customers; despite your low pay and own fears you stocked shelves, worked registers, answered questions, and did it all with grace and courtesy
  • Ditto all those restaurant workers who are adapting to a rapidly changing environment, preparing and serving food while observing new rules and regulations, and doing it with enormous care and concern
  • Reach out through your religious institution or civic organizaiton– even though its doors are closed and meetings canceled — to someone in need

Temple Israel is one of the many religious institutions now conducting services, classes and programs virtually.

  • Are suddenly thrust into the role of teacher, in addition to the disruption of having to work your own job remotely, or worry about what was going on at the office because you had to be home
  • Calm a child’s nerves, bring food to an elderly neighbor, or help a stranger figure out what to do now that the library, Senior Center, YMCA, Town Hall — and every other gathering place — is closed
  • Or are doing anything else to help someone else during these unprecedented days.

Thank you for helping make this town a “community.”

We’ll need you — and everyone else — to keep doing it for a while.

No one knows what’s ahead. But with all these Heroes in our midst, we’ll get through all this.

There’s no other choice.

(Do you know an Unsung Hero? Email dwoog@optonline.net to let us know!)


11 responses to “Unsung Heroes #138

  1. Michelle Benner

    This list brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Dan, thank you EVERYONE. We will get through this!

  2. So important and thanks for the reminder.

  3. And to all the exhausted people who are WFH so they don’t lose their jobs while also selflessly taking care of family in their house who are sick.

  4. Mary Lou Cookman Schmerker

    I know an unsung hero to nominate…… Dan Woog for all his tireless efforts to keep us informed and especially now keeping us informed on the latest updates on the Virus and also providing informative and fun posts to keep us busy while we are sheltering at home.

  5. Mark Mathias

    Saugatuck Congregational Church did our first “virtual service” last Sunday. You can watch it at: https://youtu.be/G2WUIo9gcAY. We’re doing another one this Sunday. Sent your request to be informed to marcia@saugatuckchurch.org. And if you want to see any of our previous sermons, go to: http://saugatuckchurch.org/worship-with-us/sermons/

  6. Michelle Benner

    I know we’ll all be giving what we can in the coming weeks and months to our community supports and services, but I just want to leave another PSA for Dan Woog’s commitment to our community through his tireless reporting, empathy, and connecting us all in good times and these. Venmo @danwoog06880

  7. Lucy Ambrosino

    Went food shopping today and noticed that the parking lot had lots of used gloves and wipes strewn everywhere. How sad that we don’t show more respect for those workers who are there to assure we can get food and supplies. We drop trash and expect them to pick it up. Just turn your gloves inside out and wait to throw them out when you get home; throw out your used wipes at home as well. I say thank you to all those who continue to go to work in order to help us!

  8. Carol Waxman

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