Marpe Adds Salons, Barbers, Etc. To Closure List

Adding to his previous executive order declaring a civil emergency, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe has ordered the closure of “salons and other businesses that provide the services of barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians, eyelash technicians, and massage therapists, and salons and businesses that provide similar services.”

His order adds that all those professionals described above “are discouraged from providing such services to customers in homes and other private locations other than for their immediate families.”

The order is effective as of 2 p.m. today (Wednesday, March 18).

Salon 293 — and every other hair and nail establishment in Westport — must close as of 2 p.m. today.

10 responses to “Marpe Adds Salons, Barbers, Etc. To Closure List

  1. Sally Palmer

    How in the world are these small businesses and services going to survive?

  2. Oh, what all those in home visiting stylists and massues going into Westport homes are going to rake in in profits!

  3. Stacie Curran

    Think Westports will not cross town lines and get their hair done in Fairfield, Norwalk, etc?

    • Only if they’re stupid.

      • Joyce Joiner

        As a hairstylist I can assure you that my clientele are not remotely interested in trying to see if they can get their hair done now.
        In fact, on 9/11 in my salon in NYC 3 clients DIDN’T want to reschedule!
        In regards to the compassionate comment regarding how we’re going to survive economically through this, thank you. As in all strange and new situations we can only depend on the kindness and empathy of others.
        And sir, if you’re correct regarding those stylists et al who are going to rake it in— well, even the vainest tend not to risk their family’s well-being to cover grey or brighten up with highlights.

  4. Stacie Curran

    Think Westporters will not cross Town lines and get haircuts in Fairfield, Norwalk, etc.?

  5. We’ll all be seeing 50 shades of grey when this is all over.

    • Mark Demmerle

      It helps to have a sense of humor through all this, stay safe and healthy,…thanks for the chuckle

  6. Makes more sense than the previous “only with an appointment” policy.

  7. Everything is still half-assed. Either shut down everything except essentials (i.e. food, gas, banks) or keep half-assing it. I think its a state or federal-level decision. All the towns having different rules defeats the purpose, as someone mentioned, can just go one town over.