Happy Birthday To Us — “06880” Turns 11!

Eleven years ago this week, Barack Obama was just beginning his presidency. Harvey Weinstein was sitting happily atop the Hollywood world.

And I unleashed “06880” on the world.

A lot has happened since. For example, President Obama visited Harvey Weinstein’s house here.

And I’ve churned out over 10,000 stories. Each is true to the tagline: “Where Westport meets the world.”

This man is smiling because he loves writing “06880.” (Photo/Pam Einarsen)

Save the ospreys? Check. 

Report the closing of Westport Pizzeria, and the happenings at the Westport Historical Society? Check, check.

Entertain with Pics of the Day, honor Unsung Heroes, flash back every Friday? Check, check check.

I’ve lasted longer than President Obama. I hope and pray I’ll last longer than President Trump.

Plus, I don’t take golfing vacations. In 11 years, I have never missed a day of posting.

Speaking of which, I don’t take government subsidies. I didn’t build a wall. (A paywall — hold your fire.)

But slowly, somehow, over the years “06880” has become, basically, my full-time job. I spent up to 6 hours a day on this blog.

You see the stories I write. But there’s much more. I conduct interviews and research. I take, find and edit photos. (You think the Pic of the Day just falls from the sky?)

I moderate all comments. I keep the tone civil, make sure folks use real names, and toss out trolls.

I answer every single email. I’m glad readers write me directly. But I get up to 100 story suggestions, random thoughts and obscure questions a day. I respond to them all.

I even spend my own money on “06880.” I pay for software upgrades and domain mapping. And — perhaps you’ve noticed? — I pay to keep this space ad-free.

Which means it is more imperative than ever that, as I put out my tin cup — aka make my annual appeal for donations — “06880” readers come through.

Where else but “06880” can you see a photo like this — every night at 9 pm sharp?! (Drone photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

Last month, I reached 10,000 daily subscribers. Another 5,000 to 8,000 readers check in per day, without subscribing.

Yet only a very small percentage contribute each year. I am extremely grateful to you 🙂

That means the vast majority of you enjoy my 1,200+ stories a year, and our wonderful online community, for free. You are, to use the technical term, “moochers.”

So: If you like what you read, please consider supporting “06880.” Click here for details (via credit card, check, Venmo or PayPal) — or scroll to the bottom.

Am I worth $1 a month? $1 a week? Perhaps (my choice!)) $1 a day. It’s a free country (for a while, anyway). Choose whatever amount you’re comfortable with. It’s greatly appreciated!

I hope that if “06880” has ever:

  • made you laugh, cry, think or wonder
  • spurred you to go to an event, read a book, try a restaurant or patronize a store
  • helped you meet a neighbor, or connect with an old friend
  • kept you up to date in a blizzard, hurricane, windstorm or power outage
  • made you feel connected to your new town (or the place you grew up)
  • alerted you to a new housing or zoning development
  • provided a forum for you to rant about an issue, rave about a place, or complain about my own personal politics
  • delivered news about a favorite person, place or thing
  • galvanized you to support a cause
  • publicized your event, book, appearance or concert
  • published your photo
  • honored someone you loved or admired, or gave them a kind “Remembering …” sendoff
  • connected you to your hometown from many miles away
  • saved you time or money
  • opened a window on Westport’s history, helped you think about its future, introduced you to someone in town you never knew, or helped you look at someone or someplace in a new way
  • inspired you
  • made you sit up and say “Wow!” (or “Holy f—!”)

you will consider tossing something my way. First-time supporters are joyfully welcomed!

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for 11 great years. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, whether anyone sends an anniversary gift or not.

We’ll still have our summer “06880” party at the beach. I’ll still answer every email.

It’s all part of “06880.” It’s my honor and privilege to help share it with you.

You can donate by PayPal or credit card: click here. It’s easy, safe — and you don’t even need a PayPal account. 

Checks can be mailed to: Dan Woog, 301 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880. Put “06880” on the memo line. It won’t do anything for the IRS, but it may help you remember at tax time why you sent me something.

I’m also on Venmo: @DanWoog06880. Thank you!

70 responses to “Happy Birthday To Us — “06880” Turns 11!

  1. David "Jonesy" Jones

    I don’t like to brag, but I will. Without question the 1971 class at SHS was clearly the best. Just let me brag some more, I am a true fan, reader, believer, and most importantly,a friend. I have known the “Woog-bone” for 50 years. Now, I need everyone to get that CC or check book out and support 06880. Yes, I’m retired and was in sales. I’ll be watching.

  2. Jim Wheeler

    Thanks for all you do, Dan. Happy birthday to 06880.
    The check is in the mail. Glad to hear you will keep on doing what you do.

  3. Jamie Walsh

    Thanks Dan for always writing wonderful, insightful and sometimes downright poignant opinions about how Westport touches the World and vice versa! Happy Birthday 06880!

  4. Susan Iseman

    Congratulations Dan!

  5. Ian O'Malley

    Hope the birthday is just as epic as you and the 06880 blog Dan! It’s my pleasure to contribute to daily reading that I always find well written, entertaining, and informative.
    Here’s to 11 more!

    • Thanks, Ian! I’m glad you’ve joined the “06880” club — online and in real life!

    • Jeff Wieser

      I get so much good info from you, Dan, and I am reminded on Ian’s Sunday 104.3 “gig” to listen again to The Outfield’s “Play Deep” Album. If you have Westporters, who else do you need?!

  6. Mickey Herbst

    Dan, what you do is great. You are a “value added” piece of Westport living. I’m in, and have been for a while.

  7. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    Happy birthday to 06800 and happy birthday to you, Dan, later this month. I cannot believe you answer upwards of 100 emails a day. Wow. I have trouble with just a few. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog and also the fact that you never miss a single day. That’s an incredible accomplishment. I don’t know why every subscriber does not and nonsubscribers do not make an annual contribution. My check will be in the mail. Thanks, Dan.

    • Thanks, Barbara – you rock! And keep the comments coming. You are always on target, and every time I learn something. I am very grateful for your friendship!

  8. Tom Feeley Sr

    Yo Dan,
    Besides your blog, both my sons, Tom and Brian, when in Staples, said you “were a great guy.” That speaks volumes. Thanks for all you do to make Westport better‼️🙏🇺🇸

  9. Happy Birthday! You and Dr. Seuss… makes sense.

  10. Congrats on 11 years Dan. Always enjoy 06880 regardless of topic – thank you for your work and dedication to keep this blog going to all of us who has a tie to Westport here and around the world. Keep up the great work!



  11. Bob Weingarten

    Just so everyone knows that working with Dan to get information I provide posted is easy, that is if the subject is reasonable. Also, this is the only place in Westport that everyone can post comments, which I do, so that issues can be discussed, solutions found (although not always accepted) and arguments can be made without a need for physical confrontations. Very key items have been introduced which complement our living here, like the Unsung Heroes – one of the best categories. So Dan, keep this up for many more years to come.

  12. Hi Dan:

    Link to the credit card for contribution not working. I also tried on my iPhone and couldn’t get the credit card charge to work their either.

    Will try again later.



    Nick Snow

    216 Lansdowne

    Westport, CT 06880

    • Hi Nick,
      No one else has reported this issue. Are you following the PayPal link? Have you cleared your cache? Please let me know if the problem persists for you.

  13. Happy Birthday, 06880 and Dan.

    I’ve always loved your column and the style of your writing. #06880 proves that journalism and opinions with integrity still live – albeit in many different forms. I wish Weston had a “you.” And now that I’ve been an elected official for three years in Weston, it’s clear “a you” is something that Weston needs. Keep on writing. I’ll keep on reading.


    Harry Falber
    203 858 0279m
    203 557 4150

  14. Hi Dan,I just tried to venmo you but they asked for the last four digits of your cell phone number.-Ivy

  15. 06880 is a real plus for our community. Thanks, Dan

  16. Audrey Hertzel

    Happy Birthday to 06880 and congrats to you! Dan, you will forever be my 5 a.m. alarm clock, even with a new puppy in the house!!

  17. Thanks for your effort. I peek every day and enjoy the local news, pics, etc. Keep up the good work!

  18. Jack Whittle

    an the Oscar for best local community blog goes to . . . . Dan Woog’s 06880 – again!

    The first place I visit on the ‘net to find out about what’s happening in Westport! Let’s show Dan some love and help support this amazing forum and resource

  19. Amy Schafrann

    Danny, All the best to 06880 on its anniversary.
    You are a true gift to Westport with all you provide.
    My pleasure to support again this year!

  20. Donna Cohen

    Dan .. I am a big fan of 06880 because of you! Happy to donate.. and keep on trucking! Let me know when you receive my check All the Best! Donna Cohen

    Sent from my iPhone


  21. Jack (Woogfan) Backiel

    Without Dan Woog, Westport isn’t Westport! May 06880 live on for many more decades. Dan, you’re the best! Jack

  22. The “Woog-bone!” Awesome!

  23. All the best to 06880 and to you Dan!

  24. Rebecca Mace

    Thanks Dan. I remember when someone told me about your blog and I started getting the scoop on my town. Thanks for working tirelessly to bring us the details of what’s going on here – the good and the bad. 😃 Here’s to another 11 years.

  25. Vanessa Bradford

    Dan. As always you rock. The market is crazy and this world is very leery, but you are our rock locally and make us think, laugh, cry and have a sense of humor ! Keep up the fantastic flow . You work hard and we appreciate all that you do. Check is going in the mail when I get home this week.👍

  26. Dan, you are probably the unofficial Westport Ombudsman, always cheerfully informing us of the latest doings, and trying to right the few wrongs that occur. Even from 1/2 mile across the Fairfield line, I follow you faithfully. Here’s to many more successful years of 06880!

  27. Marcy Sansolo

    well done dan! thanks for all of the great stories and laughs.

  28. Kim P. Sullivan

    Congratulations, Dan, & thanks for eleven wonderful years of waking up to your delightful & informative blog! What a labor of love to keep us connected & current on all things Westport, especially on your dime. As a former teacher, I SO get it. I still think “Westport has it all,” & appreciate your efforts to keep me enlightened. Warmly, Kim Plaut Sullivan


  29. Don Bergmann

    There have been occasions when Dan has thanked me for a comment or two. My thanks to him is endless and ongoing.

  30. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    Dan, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…and again: YOU ROCK‼️ 🎉. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈
    Simply put, the connection you provide to those of us who live far away is unmatched and I’m happy to dig into my Social Security — only wish it could be that $10,000.00 you’re hoping for! 😁

  31. Bobbi Essagof

    Thanks, Dan for keeping us all informed. I’m always the one “in the know” at every party thanks to 06880! Beat wishes for a Happy Birthday and many more.

  32. Bobbi Essagof

    Sometimes I wish you had a like button so I could appreciate some of the responses, especially those that make me laugh! But only like or love. No other choices. If you have nothing nice to say…

    • Other people have asked for that. For some reason, the WordPress theme I use does not support that function. Go figure…

  33. Congratulations, Dan and Happy Birthday! 06880 is a persona and important voice in the community – both here and around the globe! Here’s to another 11+ years!

    • Thanks, Jeanine! And thank YOU and Frederic, for all YOU do for all of us (here and around the globe too!). We are all in this together.

  34. Dave Stalling

    Confession: I don’t always read 06880 every day, but when I don’t I eventually take time to catch up on every post — which is what I’m doing now, and why I’m a bit late to the party here.

    Your blog is wonderful, well-written, informative and entertaining. I also appreciate your efforts to create awareness of and help support important causes — including helping my son, Cory.

    Thanks, Dan, for all you have done and continue to do; you’re a remarkable guy! I will continue to contribute to your blog whenever I can and encourage others to do the same.

    • Thanks, Dave — and thank YOU for your insightful, provocative and always intriguing comments. I’m very glad my path crossed the Stalling family’s, all those years ago!

  35. Mary Schmerker

    Dear Dan,
    So often 06880 is the highlight of my day! I can’t say that I have never missed checking in but the days I do not are very few. The picture of the day is always a bright spot reminding me of the beauty of Westport , my beloved hometown. I love keeping up with all the posts. Unsung Heroes is always informative and uplifting. I nominate Dan Woog as an Unsung Hero!
    Your 06880 work put me in touch with John Suggs and fulfilled a long time wish of returning a baby cup to its rightful owner. To top that event meeting Buell Neidlinger via comments provided me a glimpse into my grandmother’s life that warms my heart. I have quoted his comments about my grandmother in at least two talks that I have given to groups to encourage random acts of kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The good work you are doing is invaluable for Westport and for your readers! This acknowledgement of your good work is late due to one of my volunteer jobs that occasionally grabs a lot of my time but did not keep me from reading the posts the last three days! Happy Birthday 06880 and again, Thank you Dan!

    • Thanks, Mary, but the pleasure is all mine. I love connecting people — and connecting the many Westport dots. We are all in this together, and I am so glad you are part of our great “06880” community! On we go…