[UPDATE] Townwide Coronavirus Forum Set For Sunday

Earlier today, Costco looked like the day before a snowstorm. People stocked up on pasta, bottled water, and anything else to get them through a siege.

As the coronavirus — or its fear — continues to spread, town officials have organized a public forum. All Westporters are invited.

Set for this Sunday (March 8, 12 p.m., Westport Library), it’s organized by 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, Westpoort Weston Health District director Mark Cooper, and library executive director Bill Harmer.

Besides Marpe and Cooper, speakers include Fire Chief Robert Yost (Westport’s director of emergency management); Suzanne Levasseur (Westport Public Schools health supervisor), and representatives from the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection and George Washington University.

Marpe says, “It is important to hold this public information session in order to share the latest information that town and Health District officials have about COVD-19, and how residents can prepare and protect themselves in the event of a local outbreak.”

The forum will also include information on a potential townwide response, involving facilities and community activities.

PS: If you can’t get there — or don’t want to gather in public — the event will be livestreamed. Click here to view.

7 responses to “[UPDATE] Townwide Coronavirus Forum Set For Sunday

  1. David Gottlieb

    Is it going to be broadcast on TV channel for those unable to attend?? David Gottlieb

  2. Arline Gertzoff

    For those of us with other commitments we cannot change or out of town at least an online summary would be most useful /you tube

  3. one of the first rules is NOT congregating… this should be live stream ONLY!

  4. I look forward to hearing from local officials, but we’ve been inundated with advice already on protection. I’d like hear from reps from Norwalk or Stamford or Bridgeport Hospitals at the Forum on what exactly they can do for us if we get sick. A Harvard epidemiologist just predicted in The New Yorker that 40 to 70% of everyone in the world will get the Coronavirus, though certainly not die from it. Please tell us where we can go and what they can do should we get sick!

  5. Last year, 55,000 folks died of the flu…did we have a forum on that??????????

    • Bob Stalling

      And this year alone, 29 million became ill, over 280,000 have been hospitalized and there have been some 16,000 deaths (including 100 children).