Today’s Entitled Parking Trick

If you finished your meal at the Sherwood Diner a few minutes ago and wanted to head out the normal way: tough luck.

Some brainiac decided that the exit lane from the main lot was a perfect spot to park.

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

The car in the middle in the photo above blocked the entire exit. Everyone had to use the narrow driveway behind the diner — unless they wanted to wait for the driver to finish his or her meal.

Nothing whatsoever indicates this is a parking spot.

And please don’t say “maybe there’s a good reason for this.”

There can’t be.

25 responses to “Today’s Entitled Parking Trick

  1. Maybe there was one blueberry muffin left and time was of the essence! They are tasty!

  2. Someone feels So Special Today … I wish they took a better pic of the license pate ……

  3. Why can’t the police do something about these parking violations all around town. My husband says these places are private property. Is that true and is that why the police can’t do anything?

  4. Imbecille

  5. Selfish idiot

  6. My phone abbreviated the headline as “Today’s Entitled Parking Tri…” and my brain filled in trilogy. I was disappointed to only see one picture.

  7. 849-B2A
    This isn’t law and order
    This is selfishness and lack of common decency

  8. Jennifer Howe Rosen

    no hangover warrants that level of cluelessness!

  9. Why would anyone have had to wait? I would have gone back inside the diner and politely, but loudly, asked “Whose car is blocking the exit?”

  10. If his car were damaged, it would be his fault! It’s a liability issue.

  11. Charles Taylor

    Call the police

  12. Larry Perlstein

    People are now competing to be featured in your blog. Like the Darwin awards. In the driver’s defense, there are white lines on either side!☺️

  13. I would have gone in and asked the person to move their car.

  14. Mary Adinolfi Ludovicy

    Welcome to Westport Ct, where just because you can is good enough!

  15. nope, no good reason for that – I suspect the (poor) reason was that the driver was confused, perhaps wishfully so, about that being a spot. Or they were simply being a complete and total ass . . .

  16. Obviously there’s no sign or painted notice that says “Exit”or “No Parking”, so it’s the Diners fault . Perhaps a Law Suit or a new law by Congress will solve the problem….maybe a multi-million dollar blue ribbon committee should study this …….
    Or…..the car owner is an irresponsible , selfish idiot…..

  17. The plate is 849 804…

  18. A reason could be Sherwood diner keeps failing health inspections and driver was trying to do a PSA? In all seriousness, no one went into the diner to try to identify the vehicle owner? The diner didnt call to have it towed? There are solutions…

    • William Strittmatter

      Seriously. In the old days, someone would have just walked inside and told management who would have asked the owner to move their car.

      Here? The photographer took the pic, sent it off to Dan, then went on their merry way without telling the Diner? You’d have hoped a civic minded citizen would have done more.

      Perhaps they did. Is there more to the story or is this really where it stopped?

  19. Michael Calise

    Digestive block

  20. Paul Tolentino

    The last 3 digits would be all letters.

  21. Christopher Austin

    License is 849 BOA. It’s an older Camry. My guess is a befuddled older person who saw the lines on both sides. Of course, I could be wrong and those who in prior comments said that they are just entitled could be right. But in any event, I agree with William Strittmatter- Andrew could have gone back into the diner and politely asked the Diner manager to have someone take care of it. I think we need to give people the benefit of the doubt. I must say that I get tired of the self-satisfied comments to so many posts on theis blog about “entitled Westporters”. No doubt there are rude people out there. There are also stressed out people who have momentary lapses in courtesy, manners or driving and parking etiquette. I live in a glass house, and I’m guessing most of us do. I am making a commitment that the next time I see a potential hazard like this, I’m going to assume innocent error and try to help correct it.