Jose And Friends

If you think José Feliciano rests only on his “Feliz Navidad” laurels: Think again.

The singer/composer has won 8 Grammy awards, and released over 60 albums.

His newest debuts today. “Behind This Guitar” features a cover of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac.

The recording is getting great media attention. But what makes it especially gratifying to the Weston resident — a devoted husband and father — is that his son Jonnie is the drummer.

And, when José and his band appeared on”Good Day NY” yesterday, he and Jonnie were joined by guitarist Trevor Coen. He’s a Staples High School graduate, and longtime professional musician.

Also on the set: Steve Sasloe of the Westport Music Center. He’s José’s music director and keyboardist (and host for occasional rehearsals).

“Behind This Guitar” is — like everything José Feliciano touches — pure gold.

Let’s hope it goes platinum.



(Hat tip: Fred Cantor)

9 responses to “Jose And Friends

  1. Is the official video filmed in Weston? Looks like it might be.

  2. Also with the group was long time Westport musician and founder of the Westport Music Center and Jose’s musical director, Steve Sasloe

  3. I had such an awesome experience photographing Jose as he warmed up to play at The Levitt Pavilion opening and I was so blown away by the way he played guitar. So much more than Feliz Navidad!

  4. Susan Feliciano

    Aw Dan you’re so sweet…EVERYONE has so go affirming and I that you all…
    Yes, the video was shot in Weston and while the tracks were recorded in Nashville (produced by the great Rick Jarrard of Light My Fire, Feliz Navidad & more), the vocals and guitars were done at the Factory Underground in Norwalk, which was very cool.
    We are blessed to have Jonnie on board as Pop’s tour manager and drummer, along with Trevor on bass, but let’s NOT FORGET Jose’s Musical Director and Keyboardist, Steve Sasloe of WESTPORT (!!)…where the band will oftentimes find themselves rehearsing at the Gig Center… hope you all enjoy…it’s been a labor of love that comes from the heart, believe me.

  5. Susan Feliciano

    Thank* you all…spell check. LOL

  6. Thanks, Susan. I’ll add in the info about Steve, and will correct the spelling of Jonnie’s name!

  7. In the top video, is the image left-right reversed? First, his name on the background is backwards. Second, he’s playing the guitar in a left-hand position. Third, in the video posted by Jan Carpenter, Mr. Feliciano is playing in the traditional right-hand position.

  8. Jose has been a long time parishioner at Assumption Church in Westport. As well as his Feliz Navidad on Christmas Eve , he is a reader during Mass. In Braille of course.
    Quite the man!
    Pat Porio

  9. Nancy Powers Conklin

    This is so cool!! So glad to see that Jose and his son are doing such great things for us to enjoy!!