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Jose And Friends

If you think José Feliciano rests only on his “Feliz Navidad” laurels: Think again.

The singer/composer has won 8 Grammy awards, and released over 60 albums.

His newest debuts today. “Behind This Guitar” features a cover of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac.

The recording is getting great media attention. But what makes it especially gratifying to the Weston resident — a devoted husband and father — is that his son Jonnie is the drummer.

And, when José and his band appeared on”Good Day NY” yesterday, he and Jonnie were joined by guitarist Trevor Coen. He’s a Staples High School graduate, and longtime professional musician.

Also on the set: Steve Sasloe of the Westport Music Center. He’s José’s music director and keyboardist (and host for occasional rehearsals).

“Behind This Guitar” is — like everything José Feliciano touches — pure gold.

Let’s hope it goes platinum.



(Hat tip: Fred Cantor)