Friday Flashback #175

In 1925, Edward T. Bedford contributed most of the funds to build Greens Farms Elementary School. The handsome building on the corner of State Street (Route 1/Post Road) and South Morningside was designed by architect Charles Cutler. (He also built Westport Bank & Trust, now Patagonia.)

It brought together pupils from 3 schools: East Long Lots, West Long Lots, and Lower Greens Farms.

That “lower” school was located at 37 Clapboard Hill Road — with funds previously donated by Mr. Bedford. It started as 2 rooms; he later added 2 more. In 1916 it looked like this:

According to Kitty Field Graves, who grew up in the house (and lived there from 1944 to 1960), for several years after the new school was built, the Clapboard Hill property became “a kind of boarding house or single room occupancy.”

During the Depression, an interior designer purchased the house and incorporated stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers, mahogany paneling and more from the demolished Wendell Mansion in New York.

The building still stands, as a private residence. It’s a bit larger than when it was a school. But it’s just as graceful — 21st-century style.

Thanks to alert “06880” reader/amateur historian Seth Schachter, for the postcard of the school, and today’s image via Zillow.

4 responses to “Friday Flashback #175

  1. Kitty Field Graves I miss you, your Mother and Father so much. I remember the stories she told me about this house well. Blessed to have known them and I visit them still ❤️❤️

    Thank you Dan Woog for this beautiful story

  2. Interesting. I have worked on that property for 20 years. It was always a little different. Now I know why.

  3. Dan thanks so much for this nostalgic history and the legacy of 37 Clapboard Hill –our current home , which we consider precious and did a major modern renovation of last year. Our son Haris and our whole family has many fond memories here and its always brought us many blessings. You may recall Staples Wreckers Robotics Team 577(World Champs in 2011) — their robotics practice field we built, coached and held in our home for almost 6 years. Lots of serendipity on this beautiful home on the hill 🙂

  4. As a previous owner for 26 years, I particularly miss the majestic Tiffany stained glass window that looked out onto Clapboard Hill for over 75 years.