Happy Boxing Day!

And what better way to celebrate than by boxing in another car at Parker Harding Plaza?

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

According to alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens — who was as gobsmacked as I was to see this — there was no driver in the car.

And, Chip says, there were empty spaces nearby.

Parker Harding is not the easiest lot to navigate in the best of times. I can’t imagine what it was like with this vehicle planted there.

Meanwhile, a couple of hours later and across Main Street in Brooks Corner, this pickup driver figured, hey, why pull all the way in?

(Photo/Joan Nevin)

No vehicles could get around him. Mayhem ensued.

The driver did not care. He was nowhere in sight.

16 responses to “Happy Boxing Day!

  1. Hanne Jeppesen

    In defense of the driver in the truck, he might be older, as you get older your depth perception changes, I can tell you how many times I thought I was as pulled all the way up, only to get out of the car to see I was not. However, I always check and then get back in the car and pull up so I not outsides the lines. However, you don’t really realize it when it first starts to happen, although I much say this car is way outside of the marked area and it would be hard for the driver not to notice as he walked away.

  2. The sad fact is you can post a photo of every inconsiderate parking job by these selfish arrogant ignorant subhumans all you want but until these vehicles are either towed away or ticketed this will continue to happen. What is law enforcement doing about this?

    • I’m with Peter. Do these people ever get tickets? Let’s start getting pics with the license plates. Some people need to be shamed!

  3. Louise W Demakis

    No defense. And whoever they were, they were not necessarily senior citizens. Don’t blame seniors. Blame the idiot who had to know he was blocking other cars and didn’t get back into the truck and pull up!

  4. If that drivers depth perception is that bad while attempting to park they certainly shouldn’t be driving on the roads.

  5. So maybe the driver should be boxed in, so they couldn’t move, either? Maybe we need an “on call boxing squad,” and not just for Boxing Day? LOL. i’m trying to make light of a ridiculous situation. Bad manners come in all shapes and sizes. That’s all. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for listening, Dan Woog.

  6. Ray O'Sullivan

    Some one mixed up their letters to make it Harder Parking Plaza

  7. Earlier today, the Westport Downtown Merchants Association (WDMA) rolled out its “Keep it Local!” campaign which aims to insure that shoppers remain in the downtown area for just a little bit longer than they might otherwise. This program, which is underwritten by (of course) a state grant, utilizes several automobiles (including a pickup and an SUV) to engage in “randomized strategic parking postures” which, WDMA officials say, “optimizes shopper duration and retail interface”.

  8. i would ask to check the depth perception,equilibrium,and mental health of every trump supporter. Make parking great again

  9. Instead of taking pictures, how about calling the police and getting them towed!!!!!

  10. Must have been a Starbucks emergency!