Photo Challenge #258

Last week’s Photo Challenge was perfect.

Tracy Porosoff’s image of a stone bridge over a small creek drew a number of varied responses. (Click here to see.)

Readers thought it might be on Richmondville Avenue, near Willowbrook Cemetery; at Burying Hill Beach, or nearby across Beachside Avenue; at Winslow Park; Bridgewater headquarters by Ford Road, or Gorham Island.

All good guesses — and all wrong.

But an equal number of readers knew exactly where it is: Morningside Drive South, at the Post Road.

It’s the bridge over Muddy Brook — near Greens Farms Elementary School, just east of the Barnes & Noble shopping center — that floods often, and high.

Kudos to Matt Murray, Bobbie Herman, Morley Boyd, Bob Stalling and Jonathan McClure. You know your bridges!

Today’s Photo Challenge was taken just about 3 weeks ago. (The seasons change quickly around here.) If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/David Vita)

22 responses to “Photo Challenge #258

  1. Unitarian Church?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Unitarian Church off of Lyons Plains Road

  3. UU church in wspt

  4. Stephen Axthelm

    Unitarian Church in Westport

  5. Yes, Unitarian Church. The view from the sanctuary.


    Unitarian Church — love the architecture of this place of worship

  7. Unitarian church, Westport

  8. Unitarian Church

  9. Jill Turner Odice

    I immediately thought of the Unitarian church due to the shape of the windows

  10. Was it taken from inside the Unitarian Church?

  11. You are all correct: It’s the beautiful Unitarian Church of Westport. Magical in all seasons!

  12. The Unitarian Church in Westport

  13. Peter R Powell

    Unitarian Church

  14. inside the Unitarian Church ?

  15. I just opened this at 6:30 — it’s The Unitarian Church in Westport.

  16. Mari-Eleanor Martino

    Unitarian Church

  17. Unitarian Universalist Church of Westport

  18. Unitarian Church

  19. The Unitarian Church

  20. Stephanie ehrman

    Is this the Unitarian church in Lyons planes road?