Photo Challenge #257

Was it the rainy weather? Too many things to do 4 days before Thanksgiving? The fact that virtually no one knew where the toy donkey pictured in last week’s Photo Challenge could possibly be?

Whatever the reason, Rose Porosoff’s image drew only a few guesses. But 2 were right: Rod Smith and James Lupo knew the curious scene could be seen at the Greens Farms fire station, on Center Street.

It’s a random shot in an out-of-the-way location — unless you live in Greens Farms — so click here to see what you’ve always missed (or never knew existed).

This week’s Photo Challenge stays in the Porosoff family. It’s from Rose’s mother, Tracy. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #257

  1. Maple South at the Post Road East, near GF School and the old Fine Arts 5.

  2. Richmondville Ave @ Willow Brook

  3. John Terpening

    Burying Hill Beach, Greens Farms Road

  4. To judge from the clumsy stonework veneer, it seems like it would possibly be the replacement span at Morningside Drive South over Muddybrook.

  5. The old baron,s property north.

  6. Ralph Balducci

    In the marsh area off of Beachside Avenue across from the entrance to Burying Hill Beach.

  7. Carissa Simon Baker

    Could it be the bridge over the river to what used to be the Glendenning building off of ……it’s not Clinton Avenue….is it Ford Road? It’s been too long…..

  8. Muddy Brook @ Greens Farms Rd?

  9. A bridge over Dead Man’s Creek. I’d be guessing which one.

  10. Jay Tormey '66

    The bridge at the entrance to Willowbrook cemetery.

  11. Jonathan McClure

    Morningside Dr. S. and Post Rd. (SW Corner looking NE)

  12. Michael Calise

    Its a bridge on Morley’s List

  13. The bridge between House of Clement and the entrance to Gorham Island?

  14. Plenty of good guesses. But the right one is … South Morningside Drive near the Post Road (Muddy Brook, near Greens Farms Elementary School). Plenty of readers know their bridges well!

    • Michael Calise

      Muddy Brook which is exposed on the Greens Farms Elementary side of the road is buried under Barnes & Noble and beyond surfacing again on Center Street from which it is alternately piped and exposed until it reaches the estuaries at Sherwood Island. As students at Greens Farms Elementary we would fish and trap in the section of the brook now under B&N. It was sure different then.