Photo Challenge #255

First there were the library windows.

Then there was the point behind Levitt Pavilion, on the Saugatuck River.

Last week — for the 3rd Photo Challenge in a row — our image showed a bit of that beautiful, active slice of Westport just steps from downtown.

Johanna Rossi’s shot was of the charming, underused bridge spanning Deadman Brook (which honors not a no-longer-living person, but someone long ago with the improbable last name of Deadman).

It connects the Levitt/library parking lot with another lot, off Imperial Avenue. (It is transformed every Thursday from May to November, into the Westport Farmers’ Market.)

Johanna took the photo at night. The lights threw some readers off. Incorrect guesses included the Sherwood Mill Pond bridge heading to Compo Cove; the wooden bridge extending from Parker Harding Plaza over the Saugatuck River; Bridgewater headquarters off Weston Road; Saugatuck Shores, and Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach.

Louis Weinberg, Dan Vener, Andrew Colabella, Fred Rubin, Ralph Balducci, Jonathan McClure, Jo Ann Flaum and Jalna Jaeger all knew that the bridge is actually downtown, over Deadman Brook.

To see the photo, click here. To see it in real life — which you really should — head downtown. Any time, day or night.

Today’s Photo Challenge comes courtesy of Seth Schachter. If you know where in “06880” you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)


13 responses to “Photo Challenge #255

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Peters Bridge Market Square

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Old Bridge Market in Saugatuck

  3. Michael Calise

    Saugatuck Post Office

  4. Your condo parking space number.

  5. Bridge Square, just off the Cribari Bridge!

  6. Jonathan McClure

    The tail end of the “Bridge Square, Saugatuck 06880” sign

  7. Bridge Square Saugatuck

  8. Yep – it’s the sign over the old Peter’s Bridge Market, in Bridge Square next to the William F. Cribari Bridge. It’s one of those things you seldom notice — but once you do, you remember it forever.

  9. Old Saugatuck Post Office

  10. Mary Schmerker

    Late to the guessing so I saw the answer but I did know it. Logging on to ask: Is it still Peter’s Bridge Market. Last time I was in Westport I forgot to look. However, I did walk across the bridge with my grandson and have the pictures to prove it.

    • Mary, unfortunately it has not been Peter’s Bridge Market for probably a decade. Right now, it’s Kawa Ni (a great Japanese restaurant owned by Bill Taibe), and Embody, a health-food restaurant.