Photo Challenge #254

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed a spot not far from downtown that most Westporters have never gone.

Though it’s a place everyone should see.

Sandy Rothernberg’s image was of the point at the Riverwalk path behind the Levitt Pavilion where Deadman Brook flows into the Saugatuck River.

It’s beautiful, serene — and open to the public. You’ll get a different perspective there of the water, and our town’s relation to it.

Since the Levitt renovation, the path now winds all the way around — from the library to the Imperial parking lot side. Midway there, you’ll see the scene Sandy captured. Or click here for the closeup.

This one was tough. It took nearly 24 hours before the first readers guessed correctly. Congratulations, Madison Malin and Steve Dopp!

This week’s Photo Challenge, meanwhile, may be our first-ever nighttime shot. If you know where in Westport you’d find this — night, day, whenever — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Johanna Rossi)

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #254

  1. By Mill Pond?

  2. Louis Weinberg

    Bridge over troubled water? Or bridge over Deadman Brook by the Leavitt?

  3. Bridge from Old Mill Beach to cove residences.

  4. The bridge from the Imperial lot to the Levitt.

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Entrance to Levitt Pavilion/library parking lot from the lower lot across the exit of Deadman’s brook where it drains into the Saugatuck River.

  6. Not many narrown bridges have lights on them…
    Two choices. 1) Old Mill Rd. The bridge that takes you over to the houses on Compo Mill Rd
    2) The walking pier overlook on the Saugatuck River at Parking Harding Plaza

  7. David Gottschalk

    Bridge by Bridgewater compound

  8. The bridge between the Levett and the imperial lot

  9. Ralph Balducci

    A bit further along the pathway from last week’s spot, I think it is the walkway over the inlet between the area behind the Levitt/Library and Imperial Ave parking lot.

  10. Lots of good guesses. Yes, this is the bridge over Deadman Brook, between the Levitt Pavilion and Imperial Avenue parking lot. So between this Photo Challenge, last week’s (the Riverwalk behind the Levitt), and the one 2 weeks (ago (windows at the Library), we’ve really concentrated on that small, but important, slice of downtown.

  11. Bridge Saugatuck shores

  12. Sandra Rothenberg

    Thanks Dan for the shout out!!

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  13. Seth Braunstein

    Ned Dimes Marina

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  14. Jonathan McClure

    Bridge from parking lot off Imperial Ave to Levitt Pavilion

  15. Walkway from the end of the path around the library to the parking lot on Imperial Avenue

  16. it is the bridge from the upper library lot to the commuter parking lot near the womens club!