Pic Of The Day #943

Co-captain Sam Liles (orange armband) frames the Staples High School boys soccer team, at halftime of yesterday’s state tournament quarterfinal match. Down 1-0, the Wreckers scored with less than 6 minutes left to tie. After 2 overtimes, the teams headed to penalty kicks. Trumbull prevailed 5-4. (Photo/Dan Woog)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #943

  1. Coach Danny. That is a wonderful, if also heartbreaking, story. Kudos to
    The Wreckers Soccer Team and its coach. Amazing work and effort guys.
    Really proud of you all. Marc Bailin

  2. Fascinating composition and light.

    Also, looking at the date of the post, I realize today is exactly the 49th anniversary of our state co-championship senior year. Thankfully, we did not have to go through the crapshoot of PKs to determine the state champion in 1970,

    • Congratulations on a great season. You will always, and I do mean always, remember your victory over Glastonbury. For some of you there is next season and for others, possibly college soccer ahead. Good luck to you all. A job well done.

      When I played Staples soccer your outstanding coach was still in elementary school. I was in the class of 1963 and was fortunate enough to have played for Mr. Loeffler. No one ever called him Albie.