Is Halloween On Or Off? Check In Here!

Yesterday, town officials sent out a message about Halloween. They said:

Because trick-or-treating is not a town-sponsored event, the team agreed that it is best to leave the decision up to families and individual neighborhoods to change the night within their own neighborhood.

Makes sense. But at 10 a.m. — with rain coming down, and light rain and showers forecast for the rest of the day — how to decide?

“06880” rides to the rescue.

Click “Comments” below to weigh in: Trick or treat tonight? Tomorrow? Saturday? Some other solution?

“06880” won’t render an official verdict. As town officials noted, that’s up to Westport families and neighborhoods.

But at least you’ve got a forum now to debate, and come to a consensus.

Trick or treat!

Will Westporters trick-or-treat — or welcome guests — tonight? You decide! (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

19 responses to “Is Halloween On Or Off? Check In Here!

  1. Laurie Goldberg

    Sorry, but this just seems like chaos to me. Even if this town somehow reaches a consensus about a postponement, what about surrounding towns?

  2. Trick or treat! Rain or shine. (Or snow!) it’s candy people, just put on rain boots and have fun!!!

  3. Halloween is on 10/31…the end! You don’t change the date for a little rain! At least it’s warm out!

    • Jack ( Trick or Treat) Backiel

      Can you imagine them changing Halloween in 1956 because of a little rain, or even a lot of rain?

  4. Patricia McMahon

    I live down at Compo where as we locals know is a conveyor belt of Trick or Treaters.
    Nothing fun about soggy or drenched kids in costumes and frustrated parents .
    I’m open for another evening.

  5. I still remember a Halloween going back 10 years or so, where the town leaders in consultation with the Westport Police Dept did cancel and rescheduled Halloween due to bad weather. So there is precedent for doing so. But what I remember most about that year is that despite the decision being made and official notification sent out early in the day, the schools strategically embargoed all discussion and notification of it until the school day was over and the kids were all safely on the school buses. The schools wisely (or cowardly?) did not want all the kids learning that Halloween was delayed in their classrooms. No, that they left up to all of us parents to deliver the bad news when they got off the bus. Ha!

    • Halloween should always be on Saturday night.
      Better for the kids, parents and more fun for all.

      Saturday night at Compo is my vote!

    • They changed it that year because of hazards like downed trees and power lines…not rain! And, if I remember correctly, the town rebelled and most went trick or treating on 10/31 anyway.

  6. Arline Gertzoff

    Today is Halloween so those who want to come out will .Nobody wants to be tied up for another nightMany drive the kids and I leave my light on for those who want a treat Enough said

  7. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    In the end MOTHER NATURE will decide.
    If the storm front comes before 5 PM forget about it
    If the Storm front holds off till 9 PM rock on
    If the storm front comes in the middle then the kids dressed as Aquaman, Ariel or a fish WIN
    Happy Halloween all !!!

  8. Can we stop finding more and more ways to soften our next generation. Its candy people, if you dont want to get wet you dont have to go!

    • Totally agree Adam! We are raising kids who can’t get wet or can’t handle disappointment from a “not-perfect” Halloween!

  9. It’s definitely up to families and neighborhoods

  10. September Stevens

    I remember having to wear a parka or raincoat over my costumes many a Halloween growing up. Didn’t care. I just wanted my stash of candy Halloween night!!

    I am also still irked by the year when our town officials and police asked everyone to stay in due to true dangerous conditions. We kept our kids home for safety’s sake and to teach them to respect authority and carved pumpkins only to find out that most of their friends went trick or treating anyway.

    We’re heading out tonight!

  11. A few years ago, we had “Snowtober”, where we had early and heavy snow in October. Leaves were still on the branches and many fell due to the excessive weight. Some areas of our town had power lines down and some roads were impassible.

    Despite that, our street (which had no branches or power lines down) did a brisk business. I think Halloween was similarly on a Thursday and we had trick-or-treaters both Halloween and Saturday nights. Gave out candy both nights.

  12. We are getting our neighborhood kids, so all is well on our street. Happy Halloween!

    PS. Would the person who stole one of our pumpkin balloons return it. It’s for the kids.

  13. Patricia McMahon

    The ghost and goblins came to Compo and conquerd.
    Trick or treaters started around 4 and we were out of candy by 6pm
    The usual fun frenzy this holiday brings.
    The weather held up for the most part and the streets are still packed .
    Happy Halloween Westport

  14. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    Geez, Halloween is 31 October. Back in my day trick or treating in the 60’s and 70’s it was what it was. This attempt at micromanagement by the town bureaucracy is ridiculous and smacks of legal CYA nonsense. So glad I am not a kid today.

  15. Bobbi Essagof

    We had our first Halloween on Saugatuck Island. The most fun ever. Not as many as I was warned to expect but way more than I ever got in Old Hill. Big and small groups of adorable children in fun costumes. Even sat on the porch swing giving out candy and meeting the neighborhood kids. So happy they decided to come out. Met lots of new neighbors too. Halloween is 10/31 unless there is a blizzard.the end!