“06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Youn Su Chao

“06880” continues our series of “Persona” video interviews with candidates for local office. Rob Simmelkjaer produces these, as part of his new venture that helps users create casual, interesting conversational videos.

Today’s interview is with Democratic Board of Education candidate Youn Su Chao. Saugatuck Elementary School PTA member Jen Berniker conducted the interview. Click below:

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19 responses to ““06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Youn Su Chao

  1. Youn Su Chao is a breath of fresh air. Having witnessed her in action as the PTA President at CES, I have the utmost confidence that she will guide the school district towards a feasible, productive resolution for the betterment of the district as a whole. She and Lee make a dynamic team, they are exactly what Westport needs right now.

  2. “The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower. We need strong leaders with smart ideas who look to build consensus within the BoE and across town. Youn Su is that velvet hammer that would get the hard work done to steer us out of this murky water. Plus, she would continue to find ways to bring us to an even better place. Her ideas and ability to communicate would serve our town well. I hope she gets a seat at the table along with Lee.

  3. Elizabeth Williams

    Youn Su is such a smart, thoughtful, engaged community member. Seeing her dedication over this past year gives me such confidence in what she can add to our BOE. Her appointment would be a win for all of Westport.

  4. I have known Youn Su for the past 7 years. She is PASSIONATE about advocating for what’s best for all of our children in this community. She is intelligent, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable about the issues affecting our schools. The BOE, and our town, needs Youn Su to not only address the problems we are currently facing but to push us forward.

  5. Go Youn Su! As a fellow CES parent, I’m continually in awe of the enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication that Youn Su brings to the Westport Public Schools—both as a parent and PTA President, and as a candidate for Board of Ed. She works tirelessly to understand all sides of an issue in order to make the best decisions possible; she’s unwavering in her commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our kids, our teachers, and for the District as a whole; and she’s generous, kind and considerate, to boot. Youn Su, along with Lee Goldstein, represent the best of our town, and I can’t imagine two more intelligent, committed and qualified candidates.

  6. I have known Youn Su for seven years, and cannot say enough wonderful things about her character, thoughtfulness, and ability to communicate. She’s one of those people who just stands out as a bright light. It would be a huge win for Westport (and especially our children) to have her on the BOE!

  7. Carrie Howard

    As a past PTA president, I know what it takes to be an advocate for our kids & schools. Youn Su is passionate & committed to making a difference for our town. She has spent MANY unpaid hours at town committee meeting – BOE, BOF, RTM & more – & thoughtfully looks at issues from many angles. She’s ready to work tirelessly to get Westport back on track! Youn Su and Lee Goldstien have my vote!

  8. Thank you Dan for highlighting this interview. Young Su is laser sharp, positive, and productive as witnessed via her work as PTA President. She and Lee are what’s needed to remind us why we chose this town (the schools!), and of course to help enact change where change is needed.

  9. Stephen Shackelford

    Youn Su’s focus on analysis and evaluation is spot-on and critical for us going forward. She has also demonstrated both supreme competence and deep commitment to our schools over the past year-plus. She and Lee will add a tremendous amount of talent to the Board. But only if we all get out and vote next Tuesday!!

  10. Candidate Chao is the REAL DEAL! She is as passionate and committed to our children and our community as she articulates in this video. A pragmatic and creative problem solver, she knows when to partner and when to push. Westport will benefit immensely from electing her to the BOE during this critical time in our town history. I feel privileged to raise my children in Westport and that is why I am so excited to vote for the very informed Candidate Chao on election day.

  11. Thank you Youn Su for calling out the need to segregate all the decisions that need to be made (CMS opening, class sizes, redistricting). Everything has gotten so muddled – we need someone to pull up and synthesize what is really happening. That is the leadership approach we need on the BOE!

  12. Nancy Frankel

    As a CES parent I have had the privilege of working with Youn Su Chao in her role as CES President. She is a dedicated advocate for our community, intelligent, thoughtful and a problem solver. Youn Su would be a strong leader on the Board of Education. It is a pleasure to cast my vote for her.

  13. I am continuously impressed with both Youn Su and Lee Goldstein. I can’t think of two other people who I want advocating for my children more than them. I had the privilege serving with Lee and Youn Su last year as PTA President (we each represented different schools). They are thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated and not afraid to speak up and think outside the box. Both Youn Su and Lee attended EVERY single district meeting in town as if it was the hottest ticket in town. They attended meetings when most didn’t. They stayed engaged and informed. We are lucky to have them and they have my vote.

  14. Trammi Nguyen

    Youn Su is passionate and thoughtful about education and what a BoE member could do to make our schools even better. Both Youn Su and Lee stepped up in their roles as PTA Presidents during the CMS closure and proved they have the stamina and are willing to do the hard work necessary on our town BoE. Let’s make it official. They have my two votes for BoE on November 5.

  15. Michael Guadarrama

    Although Lee & Youn Su are distinct candidates, they are cut from similar cloth. So I have a consistent comment for both:

    I’m a fan of the British legislative process and their legendary debates. In that theme, we need elected officials that are smart, clear, results-oriented, & not afraid to be first into the breach.

    You hear that loud and clear in these interviews. No rambling, no narrow focus on a populist hot-point, just balance & intelligence.

    A key measure of leadership is the ability to stand-up for a cause when the powers-that-be are against you.

    Lee & Youn Su did that for CMS.

    Words are nice, but outcomes are what affect change. No one on the BOE stood up and saw the reality at CMS until it could not be denied any further.
    These candidates can roll-up their sleeves and are leaders when it counts the most – not just when it’s easy or popular.

  16. I’ve known Youn Su Chao for over 10 years and cannot think of a better person to serve on the BOE. Youn Su has so many outstanding qualities. She is someone who always strives to do the right thing, even if it’s unpopular or difficult. She’s an effective communicator, able to influence in a positive way. Youn Su and Lee are just what our students and community need to lead and move us towards the right direction. I’m thrilled to cast my vote for them!

  17. As former educators, Westport PTA presidents, parents, and citizens, Youn Su and Lee are uniquely qualified to serve and bring fresh, relevant perspectives and experiences to the BOE which is in desperate need. They have my full faith and support.

  18. Chandana Puttagunta

    Great interview, Youn Su! Both you and Lee have so much knowledege, dedication, and passion advocating for education in Westport, I’ll be voting for you both (Chao and Goldstein) on Tuesday!

  19. Anne Marie Hammers Block

    Great interview! Youn Su Chao has my vote. She has put in the hours and hard work to understand the our school district. She offers sensible and realistic solutions to complex problems…no false promises. Her successful track record proves she’s more than capable. Her genuine, smart and collaborative approach make her a stellar choice for everyone. Let’s get her on the Board of Ed now!