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Is Halloween On Or Off? Check In Here!

Yesterday, town officials sent out a message about Halloween. They said:

Because trick-or-treating is not a town-sponsored event, the team agreed that it is best to leave the decision up to families and individual neighborhoods to change the night within their own neighborhood.

Makes sense. But at 10 a.m. — with rain coming down, and light rain and showers forecast for the rest of the day — how to decide?

“06880” rides to the rescue.

Click “Comments” below to weigh in: Trick or treat tonight? Tomorrow? Saturday? Some other solution?

“06880” won’t render an official verdict. As town officials noted, that’s up to Westport families and neighborhoods.

But at least you’ve got a forum now to debate, and come to a consensus.

Trick or treat!

Will Westporters trick-or-treat — or welcome guests — tonight? You decide! (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)