“06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Lee Goldstein

“06880” continues our series of “Persona” video interviews with candidates for local office. Rob Simmelkjaer produces these, as part of his new venture that helps users create casual, interesting conversational videos.

Today’s interview is with Democratic Board of Education candidate Lee Goldstein. Saugatuck Elementary School PTA member Jen Berniker conducted the interview. Click below:

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13 responses to ““06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Lee Goldstein

  1. Rebecca Martin

    Thank you Lee! You showed us you have the knowledge, experience and insight the board needs. Also, your calm in these discussions is greatly valued after a contentious year for our community. Looking forward to you steadying our ship!

  2. Marvin Goldstein

    Smart, former teacher, Board of Ed experience…….the perfect candidate.
    I would vote for her EVEN if she was not my daughter!

  3. Just love her stance on accountability! She speaks about the budget and funding in a realistic way.

  4. Lee definitely has my vote!!

  5. Accountability! YES! Thank you Lee! That is the number one reason why she has my vote. She calls it like she sees it and never blinks and that’s what we need as a community. Someone who stands their ground. No more talking – more doing. She’s the one to make that happen.

  6. Evelyn Rappaport

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  7. Lee is a powerhouse. The perfect person to steer our schools through the necessary changes and move us forward.

  8. Lee Goldstein is an extremely knowledgeable, proactive candidate for the WESTPORT Board of Education. She really understands the issues
    facing our school system whether it is dilapidated schools that need improvement or the need for redistributing due to changes in student population. The best part is that as a Board member Lee will “speak out” for change on our behalf.

  9. Lee is experienced, competent, responsible, knowledgeable, responsive, steady, and willing to do the the work for ALL of Westport. She has my vote as does Youn Su Chao.

  10. Elizabeth Williams

    Lee brings great experience and integrity to the table. Our schools need board members like her who can honestly assess the many challenges ahead and look for solutions that benefit the entire town. That kind of leadership protects all of our long term interests. I’m grateful she’s running!

  11. Claudine Maidique

    I believe in Lee and support her 100%. Having worked with her on the PTA board during the Coleytown Middle school transition into BMS, I have complete confidence in her vision and ability to speak on behalf of our family and Westport community. She is logical, fair, compassionate, intelligent and forward-thinking. Precisely what I look for in a candidate. I am grateful for her hard work and dedication to our special town.

  12. Michael Guadarrama

    Although Lee & Youn Su are distinct candidates, they are cut from similar cloth. So I have a consistent comment for both:

    I’m a fan of the British legislative process and their legendary debates. In that theme, we need elected officials that are smart, clear, results-oriented, & not afraid to be first into the breach.

    You hear that loud and clear in these interviews. No rambling, no narrow focus on a populist hot-point, just balance & intelligence.

    A key measure of leadership is the ability to stand-up for a cause when the powers-that-be are against you.

    Lee & Youn Su did that for CMS.

    Words are nice, but outcomes are what affect change. No one on the BOE stood up and saw the reality at CMS until it could not be denied any further.
    These candidates can roll-up their sleeves and are leaders when it counts the most – not just when it’s easy or popular.

  13. Rosita Moreno

    I totally support Lee Goldstein for the Westport Board of Education. She brings a strong background of experience as a High School teacher and active member of the Board of Ed, Bedford, NY. Lee is committed to our town and been actively involved to build relationships and understand the issues facing our schools. More importantly, her vision to bring a new perspective and drive a culture of accountability and responsiveness is “right on”!

    Lee believes the Board’s responsibility is not just to assess the challenges…they must drive solutions, take action and make things happen. One example is the need to Re-District / Re-Balance school population which has not been done in 20 years while our population has dramatically shifted.

    Lee has the experience, leadership, commitment and passion to drive positive changes to our schools and enhance the quality of our children’s education.

    I will be voting for Lee Goldstein tomorrow!!