Saugatuck Center Phase II Moves Forward

More than a decade ago, the Gault family’s bold plan kick-started the renaissance of Saugatuck.

Two plazas with restaurants, shops and apartments brought new life to one of Westport’s oldest neighborhoods. It’s a vibrant, fun and walkable area, with only one chain store in sight. (Dunkin’ Donuts. At least it’s not Starbucks.)

Now, a new development will soon begin.

Last week, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously in favor of Phase II of Saugatuck Center. It consists of residential apartments on Ketchum Street — the humpback road connecting Riverside Avenue and Franklin Street.

Aerial view of the Phase II apartments (white and green).

Three of the apartments will be affordable, based on town regulations.

Thirteen units will be in the area near the office building that houses the Hub workspace, Bartaco corporate headquarters and a financial firm. That building will remain. Parking is underground.

A small office building on Ketchum near Franklin, as well as the post office mailbox building, will be removed. Four more townhouse-style units will be built there.

The streetscape will be similar to the apartments already further east on Ketchum, with trees, sidewalks and matching lamps. Bruce Beinfield is the project architect.

An artist’s rendering of the apartments. View is northeast, from the corner of Franklin and Ketchum Streets.

The project also includes work on the parking lot at the existing office building, as well as 518 Riverside Avenue. That building houses Landtech, the engineering and environmental firm that’s working with the Gaults on Phase II.

The P&Z was the final town body needed for approval.

Groundbreaking takes place in early spring. The first residents move in in in 2021.

7 responses to “Saugatuck Center Phase II Moves Forward

  1. Speaking of Saugatuck, what’s the story about the former TD/Hudson/Lafayette, Westport Bank building on 50 Charles St that’s been vacant for so long. From town records it looks like owner is still Patriot Natl. Bank. Under Federal banking laws, they’re not supposed to hold onto real estate except for their own office needs.

    • Isn’t there an exception for that law so long as the asset was legally owned prior to May 2015 they may continue to hold it?

  2. So has anybody ascertained the USPS’ intentions regarding the PO Boxes at the to-be-demolished 25 Franklin St small building housing them? Is there provision for retail space that the USPS can lease or will the USPS move the boxes to some less convenient location?

  3. Anyone know how to get on the list for those affordable housing units?

  4. How is rounding done for affordable units? Looks like its less than 20% based on 3/16 = 18%