Pic Of The Day #918

Halloween house, Imperial Avenue (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #918

  1. Michelle Benner

    That sweet house is on Hillspoint Road, not Imperial Avenue, just fyi.

  2. Bob Weingarten

    This house is indeed on Hillspoint Road. It received a plaque years ago stating that it was built in 1929, see right side of photo, by Samuel Daskam. It also received a Preservation Award in 2011. The owners, at that time (Carolyn and Joseph Wilkinson), appreciated the character and scale of the house and and undertook renovation to preserve the house as part of an early fabric of Westport.

  3. Katherine Bruan

    I’m sorry to point out but the house is def on Imperial Ave, not Hillspoint

    • Augie Wilkinson

      100% Hillspoint @Katherine…it’s my parents house. My dad is a legendary scarecrow builder, born and raised in Westport. Part of the only undefeated Staples State Championship Football team!

  4. Love this house! Just wait till you see it at Christmas.

  5. Bob Weingarten

    Katherine, could you please take a photo of the right side of the house that you believe is on Imperial Avenue and compare it with the plaque on the photo of this house. Let us know what you find. I run the WHS Plaque Program and there is no plaque on any house on Imperial Avenue with the initial owner of Samuel Daskam.

  6. Katherine Bruan

    Of course. I’ll take a pic of both houses tomorrow and send them into Dan. 😊

  7. Katherine Bruan

    Hi everyone. I just drove down Imperial and you were right! The house was nowhere to be seen. To be honest, my life has been upside down lately and I guess I’m not paying enough attention to where I’m wondering around. Of course now my kids think I’m crazy!
    My brother always says- don’t mess with the old time Westporters. They know all.

    Thanks for the correction. I love how Dan gets us all chatting together as a community.

    • Thanks, Katherine, and everyone else. I’m glad this Halloween mystery has been solved! Trick or treat!

    • Augie Wilkinson

      Bring your kids by the house Halloween night, I hear they hand out king size candy only! Happy Halloween all!

  8. Carolyn Wilkinson

    Thank you so much for posting the picture. We really appreciate it.
    My husband and I were high school sweet hearts and met at compo beach when we were 14. Fast forward 48 years married 38 and still together.
    We bought the house in 2011 and renovated so it would not be another Westport mansion. Please knock I on our door and say hello next time your near by. We are in California often where we lived 35 years yet our hearts will always be in Westport.

    Thank you again and Bob thank you for the plaque and the award we are proud of both.

    Carolyn Wilkinson

  9. Katherine Bruan

    Carolyn- I will def stop by. I love a good ol westport love story!

    Augie- Forget the kids, I’m coming by for the King Size!