Backyard Dumping In Front Of Westfair Village

An alert “06880” reader living in Westfair Village — behind Westfair Center, between Post Road East and North Bulkley Avenue — writes:

This is a fantastic neighborhood. In the last few years, many homes have turned over to new families with young children. There is almost a full school bus just for our little area. There are also families that have lived here for decades.

All of the houses are on lots of about 1/3 acre, so there is a tremendous feeling of community. It’s common to see kids and parents walking the streets each day.  Of course, there’s an annual block party. It’s a Halloween destination for many families who live elsewhere, because it’s so easy to walk to so many homes.

Westfair Drive. (Photo/Google Maps)

We (and many of our neighbors) truly love the area — and its proximity to the Post Road.

However, Westfair meets the Post Road near the shopping complex that houses Shanghai Gourmet, Gaetano’s and Yamafuji Sushi. Over the years, the back parking lot has become progressively more of a dumping ground.

An oil dumpster has leaked for years.  The lot is littered with boxes, bottles and cans — no one looks after it. A bin of soiled aprons is a permanent fixture — along with a discarded refrigeration unit.

The building needs a good paint job. And the roof fence needs fixing.

It’s unclear whether anyone has complained to the owner: 1701 Post Road East LLC (registered to a parent company with an address of 30 Shorehaven Road, Norwalk).

If so, and they’ve done nothing: Shame.

If no one has contacted them: They should know what’s going on with their tenants, anyway.

And be good neighbors, regardless.

14 responses to “Backyard Dumping In Front Of Westfair Village

  1. There is an official complaint with Planning & zoning, WW Health Department and the Building Department for blight and wetlands (on Monday) as the grease dumpster is leaking and discharging directly into a catch basin. There are rats and wildlife critters constantly in the dumpster. They have debris and a freezer outside. It is gross and unsanitary. I do not eat there as a result. I am happy to provide those to you as I filed the complaints.

  2. I would suggest walking into each store and asking for sanitary conditions. Its why I eat at home.

  3. Cristina Negrin


  4. Lawrence Hochheiser

    Good work. Well done.

    Lawrence Hochheiser (914) 907-6327 cell


  5. Another whining post with the complainer anonymous… I’m looking at the pics… what am I missing?

    • Dermot Meuchner

      Where do you live Mr. Stein?

      • what does it matter?

        • I assume you do not have to pass it every day. True? And if someone does not give their name? Does that make this mess any less important?

          • Again, I dont see anything wrong from the pics… it looks like the complainant has posted below that the pics do represent the current condition and not the previous poor condition. So I have to question why this story even exists or was posted if the mess was resolved?

      • Mr. Stein I complained to the town and the appropriate departments. These are NOT current pics of my complaint. It was NOT anonymous! If you saw the pics I took you would agree.

  6. Where’s the Westport Weston Health District in all of this? Aren’t vermin-attracting food waste/food containers an unsanitary condition? A discarded cooler is even worse; a child could get locked inside and die. I see they ding restaurants for silly stuff, like no menu warning about undercooked food. WWHD inspects 90 days and easy to add exterior sanitation to their checklist. They could just raise their fees a little to cover the added staff time.

  7. John DeLibero

    I have complained about this for years and given photos of the unsanitary conditions to the town prior to these current violations. If any clean up is done it is minimal and soon after the same conditions return with no town follow-up. I believe the town needs to be more aggressive in the clean up campaign to ensure constant monitoring of the sanitary conditions of this property for the benefit of our town and its residents (both adults and children)

  8. Cristina Negrin

    Back in the day when I had regular health dept inspections of my commercial catering kitchen in Westport the inspector would never let the current status (we visit Yamafuji often) go without a rebuke, points off and even closure. My guess is there is $$ involved. That grease container is really gross!