Menu Moments: What To Eat At Le Penguin

Le Penguin is a perfect spot for date night, dinner with friends, and adult birthday parties (gotta love the giant stuffed penguins and party music).

If you’re willing to forgo the bread basket, a healthy meal is surprisingly easy to put together right from the menu. In the latest installment of our continuing series, Westport nutritionist Heather Bauer serves up her top healthy picks for the popular Sconset Square spot.

Enjoy a warm welcome — and plenty of healthy options — at Le Penguin.

Healthy choice appetizers

  • Fresh baby artichoke salad (vegan)
  • Tuna tartare
  • Appetizer mussels in white wine
  • Boston Bibb salad (vegan)

Healthy choice entrees

  • Grilled salmon
  • Red snapper
  • Grass-fed grilled filet mignon (request no potatoes, sauce on the side, and all veggies instead of potatoes)
  • Entree portion of mussels in white wine (request veggies or salad instead of fries)
  • Appetizer beef carpaccio
  • NOTE: Chicken paillard lightly breaded with panko crust over arugula and parm: This is not on the menu, but it’s one of my favorite entrees at Le Penguin. The chicken is very thin, topped with a ton of arugula and freshly shaved parmesan.

5 responses to “Menu Moments: What To Eat At Le Penguin

  1. had my husbands 90th birthday lunch there with family and friends.. It was beyond wonderful

  2. Nice to know about the Chicken
    Paillard as an option since their
    Filet’s quality is very hit-or-miss at both

  3. Just was there Saturday night. Always have a great meal. The special tricolore salad was so delicious!

  4. I don’t usually post negative reviews, but I feel this is warranted.

    I run a luncheon group for the Westport Woman’s Club. We dine in a different restaurant every month, returning to those we particularly enjoy. As women prefer to have “separate checks,” I make sure that the restaurant will give them to us; otherwise we won’t go there. When reserving for 14 women, confirming the reservation and upon entering, each time I was assured by the Manager that there would be “no problem.”

    However, when it came time to pay our bill, the Manager adamantly refused to give us separate checks. He said it would be too much trouble, and that their system couldn’t do it. I find that difficult to believe, as every other restaurant we’ve gone to in the seven years the group has been in existence has done it.

    So he divided the bill in equal parts and gave each woman an individual check for 1/14 of the bill, which came to $378 or $27 per person. Some of the women had ordered items costing $12-$17, and were extremely upset.

    The food was excellent. I have dined there several times. In fact, our group had lunch there a year ago and had no trouble receiving separate checks.

    But if they won’t accommodate a group spending almost $400, they don’t deserve our business, and we won’t be back. In fact, when one of the women told the Manager that, he shrugged and said he had plenty of other customers.

  5. I’m not at all surprised by the Manager’s statement to the women. I once tried to offer some constructive criticism to one of the owners about their steak….. he was defensive and dismissive.
    The restaurant doesn’t deserve repeat business from people who are clearly just trying to be good customers.