Menu Moments: What To Eat At Sherwood Diner

The Sherwood Diner is legendary. Since 1977 it’s welcomed families, nearly every Staples High School student, travelers making a pit stop off I-95 — and everyone else, from early risers to night owls. (It’s also the place to go when power is out.)

“The diner” offers cozy tables, good meals at fair prices, and food that arrives in what seems like seconds. It’s also got one of the biggest, longest menus in town.

Sherwood Diner (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

In this latest installment of our continuing series, local nutritionist Heather Bauer offers a diverse selection of healthy options.

Like eggs?

  • Go for the Eggs Benedict. Skip the sauce and English muffin; add spinach and avocado. Tip: Eggs Benedict is a great stealth choice whenever you want to be healthy without being obvious. Order as is; ask for the sauce on the side, and eat the eggs with a fork and knife. (No one will notice.)
  • Try an egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, asparagus and a slice of American cheese (requesting 1 slice helps control the amount of cheese in the omelet). Ask for lettuce and tomato on the side, and fresh berries instead of toast.
  • Leanest order: 2 poached eggs, side of lettuce, tomato and fresh berries, no toast.
  • Really hungry? Add a side of Canadian bacon, turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

No-egg breakfast picks

  • Organic Greek yogurt with fresh berries. This is Connecticut local whole fat yogurt, so it keeps you satiated for longer than you think.
  • Oatmeal, plus a side of fresh berries or sliced fresh fruit.

(Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Salad Picks

  • I recommend the California salad, fresh spinach salad, mesclun salad or Village salad.
  • It’s okay to add grilled chicken, grilled salmon or roasted turkey. Vegetarians can add feta or a veggie burger as their protein.
  • Have the salad chopped for you, if you find it too much work to do at the table. Simply say, “please chop my salad for me, and leave the dressing on the side.” However, if you are fast eater, don’t go this route. Adding dressing and chopping it yourself will help slow you down.
  • Avoid more than 2 fats in a salad. Cheese, olives, roasted veggies and dressing all count as fat.
  • I recommend the lobster salad – yum! It has mayo and the portion is pretty generous though, so try to leave a little over if you can (I know it’s hard to leave lobster on your plate!). This dish comes over mixed greens, which is good.

Other good choices…

  • Broiled salmon over steamed or sauteed spinach.
  • Traditional burger, no bun, side salad (request grilled veggies on top).
  • Vegetarians: veggie burger (Morningstar Farms). And the diner now offers the Beyond Burger; order with extra grilled veggies on top, and a side salad.
  • Request house-made tzatziki on the side of any above (not pita) as a good dipping sauce

6 responses to “Menu Moments: What To Eat At Sherwood Diner

  1. Fiona Hodgson

    LOVE the diner and was a regular client, with my family, until I broke my ankle in 3 places and couldn’t walk for 8 weeks. I was shocked to find that the diner didn’t have a handicapped ramp! I am sure there are many, many clients who need help moving around and can’t climb steps.
    How about it, Sherwood??

  2. Adrian J Little

    Sorry – Eggs Benedict without sauce and muffin is – well – just eggs.

  3. Raymond Marra

    Dan, their gluten free pancakes are the best I have ever eaten. With real maple syrup you cannot fell the difference from traditional pancakes.

  4. Ilene Mirkine

    A few things. Didn’t see “chicken souvlaki hold the bread” (so, grilled chunks of chicken, delish!), wondering why roasted veggies counts as fat (unless they are slathered in oil) , and, what about a little feta in that egg white omelet? It is a (Greek) diner after all!
    ‘Love Sherwood Diner and the many delicious healthy options!

  5. Caroline Howe

    Wonderful photo of looking through window by Lynn Untermeyer Miller!!

  6. Charles Wiseman

    Inconsistent with healthy eating is the high fructose corn syrup ingredient of the Heinz Ketchup in the picture.