Bonus Pics Of The Day: Storm Cloud Edition

The skies over Westport darkened ominously — and beautifully — tonight. “06880” readers were ready with their cameras.

Here’s the scene at Compo Beach …

(Photo/Dave Whybrow)

(Photo/Carolyn Wilkinson)

(Photo/Carolyn Wilkinson)

… and sailing into Cedar Point …

 (Photo/Linda Stern)

… and at Burying Hill:

(Burying Hill photos/Nico Eisenberger)

6 responses to “Bonus Pics Of The Day: Storm Cloud Edition

  1. Sean Frankel

    All of these photos are stunning. Dave Whybrow, if you are reading, would mind sharing the original? Would love to hang that in our home. Thank you.

  2. Astonishing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Susan Hopkins

      A special “Thank you” Nico Eisenberger – and all photographers – who photograph the alluring beauty of Burying Hill Beach, a spot that is near and dear to my heart. More so as I am somewhat far removed in Colorado. Thank you!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Love these!!!

  4. Susan Hopkins

    Phenomenal captures!

  5. hello, my name is carl hieronymus I lived in westport as a kid until 1973 when the family moved to florida for health reasons. Im reaching out in tears as your pic showing compo beach jarred huge memories for me. ( my dad took me fishing on that beach at the age of 5 (1967), I remembering him saying dont touch the fish). but i was young and this strange looking thing was flopping in the sand and of coarse what does a 5 year old child do, disobey orders and touched the fish in the mouth and that lovely blue fish bit me!LOLmy heart goes out to all of you up there in westport, god bless you all.charles williamDAD,margaret emma MOM, carl martin ME and lynn ellenSISTER HIERONYMUS