Bye Bye, Boat

Eight months ago during a strong storm, a boat lost its Saugatuck Shores mooring. Ever since, it’s been wedged between the sea wall and a dock.

Yesterday, it was finally removed.

Norwalk-based G&C Marine Services did the job — pro bono.

Shores residents are now G&C fans for life.

(Photo/Tom Risch)

3 responses to “Bye Bye, Boat

  1. Ughh. THAT’s where I left it. Figures it was in the one place I forgot to look.

  2. Richard Fogel

    Pro Bono. Is that Sonnys brother?

  3. Joshua Stein

    Is Ed Train now banned from boat ownership? I sure hope so. Its nice that G&C did it for free. Ed basically won the lottery in the removal and disposal of this boat and Chipper B. Sad that some folks shirk responsibility like this. Ed owes a lot of people huge thank yous and apologies.