Exciting New Project Is “Write Here” In Westport

The Westport Library attracts plenty of writers.

And not just in the stacks, or for book talks.

It’s a wonderful place for anyone — published author, budding writer, wannabe — of any age to sit and create.

Choose your spot: the big tables in the Forum, one of the smaller community rooms, a bench on the Riverwalk.

There are other places in Westport to write, of course. The Senior Center and Westport Writers’ Workshop offer classes. The Saugatuck Story Lab is a welcoming space too.

Jan Bassin.

But Jan Bassin believes our town pulses with places that can inspire words. To jump-start those muses, she’s teamed up with the library to offer a month-long community writing project.

Every day during August, Bassin — Senior Center coordinator of writing programs, and the library’s Maker-in-Residence — will host an hour-long write-in.

Every day, it will be at a different spot.

The Playhouse. Compo Beach. The Farmers’ Market. The boardwalk at National Hall. Longshore. The train station.

You name it — if it’s in Westport you’ll find Bassin, and writers of every age and ability, all month long.

Each “Write Here” (get it?) session begins with a brief introduction from a representative of that location. Bassin will provide a prompt. Writers will then free-write: prose, poetry, first-person, creative, whatever. At the end, anyone who wants to can share their creations.

“The act of writing connects us to ourselves and our community,” Bassin says. “When you write somewhere, you feel connected to that spot.”

One example: At Wakeman Town Farm, the prompt might spur one person to write about her memories of growing up on a farm. Someone else might react to the sights and smells of WTF itself. A third person might be inspired to create a poem about animals.

Scenes like this could inspire some great writing.

The project kicks off this Thursday (August 1, 12 noon, Westport Library). I’ve been known to write a few stories about “06880,” so I’ll join Jan Bassin to talk briefly about writing in Westport.

Then we’ll turn it over to you all, for your own words.

Every “Write Here” session is free. You can come to as many or as few as you want. You can read your writing aloud, or keep it private.

“Write Here” will evolve, Bassin expects. She may create a website for writers who want their words to live on (by name, or anonymously).

You might even be inspired to submit a “Write Here” story to “06880.”

You know: this blog, right here.

(For more information about “Write Here: Westport,” click here.)

5 responses to “Exciting New Project Is “Write Here” In Westport

  1. Roberta Tager

    Again… thank you‼️‼️‼️

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  2. Wotta great idea, Dan, and worthy of your atypically long post. Not to mention the incentive you’ve given to get published in 06880! What could be better?

  3. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    This is a fantastic concept! I would love if there could be some online version (via website or Facebook or something) so even those of us who were once part of Westport but are no longer could partake.

  4. That should prove to be a fascinating writing project.

    I’d like to suggest an additional possibility here. I am in the middle of “GREENWICH VILLAGE STORIES: A Collection of Memories.” It is a collection of very short pieces–many just one page–and some poetry, along with photos and some reproductions of artwork. They are centered on the Village and the book was apparently done as a fundraiser for the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

    The pieces provide terrific snapshots in time of life over the decades in the Village.

    The Westport Library has a POD machine–Expresso is the name, I think.
    Why not create a curated collection about Westport memories and places, where the people whose stories are chosen donate those pieces for the purpose of a print-on-demand book that could be sold as a fundraiser for the library and perhaps the Westport Historical Society and Senior Center as well? And Jan and maybe someone from the WHS can be the ones making the determination of what pieces should be included.

    I think this could prove very popular.

  5. This is such an amazing opportunity to bring the community together in a positive, creative way. Thank you, Jan, Dan, Westport Public Library, and all the supporting locations!