After 41 Years, Martin O’Grady Ducks Out

This Saturday, Viva Zapata celebrates 50 years as a Saugatuck institution.

But that’s not the only party in town.

Martin O’Grady

A few yards away, the Black Duck will bid farewell to Martin O’Grady.

The popular bartender is retiring after 41 eventful years at the Riverside Avenue instititution.

He’ll serve his final drinks on Saturday (July 27) from 12 to 5 p.m. The Duck invites Martin’s many fans to wish him well.

Plus, the Duck says, “this is your last chance to show him what a good tipper you are.”

10 responses to “After 41 Years, Martin O’Grady Ducks Out

  1. Tony and Penny Sousa

    You know we love you and are so sorry Penny and I can’t be there for your last day. On the other hand, maybe my wife will finally stop talking about your “big, shinty baaooowwwwlllllsssss”.😃
    Love you buddy,
    Tony and Penny

  2. Brad French

    Great guy. Great laugh. Perfect bartender!

  3. Lin Jacobs-Sedlak

    It’s always all about the money in Westport now, isn’t it? Good riddance
    Spare me

  4. Bill Rogers

    Spare us… Good luck Martin

  5. David Squires

    C🥂EERS….. He served me many Beers…
    Best Wishes for a job Well Done!

  6. Mike Calise Sr., Gilbert, Arizona

    Great team mate and enjoyed playing softball with him.Good luck martin.

  7. K.F.Spearen

    Is wishing you the best Martin …

  8. Martin,
    From Assumption to Staples to softball to the Duck, thanks for being one hellava Westporter to so many!!
    Enjoy retirement, however knowing you for as long as I have, retirement will not be a quiet
    walk in the park!!
    You will be you, and that’s great!!
    Hoping your last day was great!! Sorry we couldn’t be a part it!!
    Tom & Sue

  9. Liz Doyle Boyd

    Ah Martin, need a new “if you ain’t….” t-shirt? …think I still have Kevin’s