Another Storm. Another Huge Tree Down.

This morning’s storm was nowhere near as intense as yesterday’s.

Or the one 2 weeks ago Monday. Or the one the day before that.

Nevertheless, it did some significant damage. A tree fell at Mystic Market. Two employees’ cars were heavily damaged.

(Photo/David Griswold)

No one was injured. But be careful.

It’s a jungle out there.

(Photo/Darcy Sledge)

(Photo/Darcy Sledge)

12 responses to “Another Storm. Another Huge Tree Down.

  1. It was just pure chance that I didn’t park there today. That is where I usually park. My guardian angel was working overtime!

  2. Jack Backiel

    This is happening more and more!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    I am so sorry. Are the strong storms happening more frequently than they did in the past? I don’t remember storms like this other than when we had hurricanes. Are the trees not being properly pruned in a timely manner or has construction damaged the root systems?

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker, I hate to toot this horn again (and I am not saying that this tree was affected), but many area trees are weakened by years of invasive vines growing on them. At some point, the vines just take over and the trees are doomed. It has been a concern of mine for many reasons – I try to raise awareness when I can!

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Thank you! It is a problem where I live now. If it is the same vine it is invasive and not native to the U.S.. At the moment my mind is blank ….or perhaps I just remembered it’s name…the one here is Kudzu Vine.
      I now live near Houston, although I grew up and am a native of Westport. If it is the same vine I am surprised only because I thought it was a semi tropical. I’ll some research. Keep up the good work…..It takes a village.

    • Bob Stalling

      Many factors and unknowns in what you are saying…
      Depends on type of vine, species of tree, location of tree, size of tree, soil conditions etc…
      In general, vines do not take anything from a tree…though they may add weight on limbs and mask structural problems…

      • Richard Fogel

        i was under the impression that vines wrapped tightly around a plant may kill it. I observe many trees wrapped heavily with vines dying and rotting. On my property I remove vines and believe that vines can harm nice trees and plants. I will investigate Thanks for your point

        • Richard Fogel

          sorry dan and friends , I just googled the affects of vines on trees. My statement is correct. Vines on trees can kill it. They attach to the bark and suffocate the tree. Please verify my statement. Facts are important

          • Bob Stalling

            If facts matter, then you should be more specific with them.
            What type of vine, what type of tree?
            Are the vines you are referring to “suffocating” the tree by affecting the vascular cambium or by blocking
            “Mike a Minute weed is a good example… but I know that mile a minute weed likes areas of full sunlight and does not grow well in shaded areas…. this is why it grows well in open wetland areas, which, by the way, it can’t be treated because it’s in a wetland.
            Poison ivy grows on trees all the time, yet, in 35 years of doing tree work, I can’t remember when the cause of death of a tree was due to poison ivy..
            Are you referring to deep rooted trees or shallow rooted trees? Are you referring to slow growing trees or fast growing trees?
            Faster growing trees have elongated cells and tend to be lighter and more brittle, thus more susceptible to breakage…
            Are you referring to thick bark trees or thin bark
            Are you referring to wetland trees or trees that need full sunlight and prefer dry open fields?
            Which vines are you referring to? Do they all prefer the same environment? Do they all attach themselves the same way? Do they all have the same growth rate?
            Time for less generalization and more facts…
            Bob Stalling
            CT Arborist License # 62656
            NY Arborist License # C0848657

  5. Holly Wheeler

    Somebody was killed in Fairfield yesterday when a branch fell on his car. These folks in Westport were lucky.

  6. Richard Fogel

    could global warming and more extreme storms be a concern? or is it jjust dumb ignorant science??

    • Bob Stalling

      Not sure what you are saying…
      Of course global warming is a concern, but can you directly link this local weather event to global warming? And does this mean that all local weather events for the rest of our lives are linked to global warming?
      Are you saying we could have prevented this event by being concerned, or maybe people with less concern contributed to it?