Washed Out!

Timing is everything.

The rain started at the worst possible time — around 5:45, 15 minutes before the “06880” blog party was to begin. Prill Boyle came by to say hi, but had to leave.

By 6:20, it was coming down steadily.

A few hardy souls — Michael Calise, Esther Koravillas, Jan Carpenter, Robert Mitchell and I — ventured out. We didn’t notice Bonnie Marcus in her car nearby. I hope I didn’t miss anyone else.

Radar showed the rain settling in.

Of course, as soon as we left, it ended.

If you came late: thanks! If you wanted to be there but couldn’t come: sorry!

See you next year. The long-range forecast is good.

The weather was a bit nicer in 2014. (Photo/Betsy Phillips Kahn)

17 responses to “Washed Out!

  1. I was there. Guy said you had just left. Fair weather readers!

  2. Rozanne Gates

    Lots of good memories. Very sweet of you to acknowledge the brave souls who came out in spite of the forecast.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Maybe have folks bring any lawn tents they might already own (the more portable collapsible kind) for next time?

    Just a thought … although, it’s really not much fun partying in the rain or drizzle 😬

    Can’t bbq anything, get soaked to and from the cars, harrowing bathroom trips … soooo, yeah, nevermind! 😉

  4. Jay Tormey "66

    Was looking forward to the great pictures of the event.

  5. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    It’s pouring in Wallingford at 7:35, so it might be doing the same in Westport. I am sorry to here the blog event was washed out. Next year.

  6. Vanessa Bradford

    No worries Dan. It’s Mother Nature and pouring rain here in Fairfield for well over an hour. Cheers! Not in our control! You still rock!

  7. No one saw this coming… It rained 5″ in the last 24 hours when the forecast was for about one-tenth that. And was pouring at 7 – Chris Woods

  8. Fred Cantor

    Headed down around 8:15 after the rain had stopped. Hardly a soul at Compo but there was a small party taking place under the roof of the pavilion. I thought that might be your bash but no such luck. Hope you have better weather next year.

  9. I really wanted to be there, and even would have gotten a lift from a lovely woman. But the rains were torrential here in nearby Fairfield. So sorry, but as you said, “See you next year!”

    PS — The rain started and stopped for quite a while, and when it rained, it was heavy.

  10. I understand the cancellation (I got there when it finally stopped raining just before 8) but I’m disappointed there’s no rain date.

  11. Jinxed. Not enough palm trees.

  12. Roberta Tager

    So sorry😔

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  13. Rain or shine, I always love seeing you, Dan! 🙂