Menu Moments: What To Eat At The Duck

Everyone loves the Black Duck. But admit it: With its wings, stuffed burgers, fried shrimp, po’ boys, onion rings and beers, it’s no one’s first choice when someone says, “Let’s eat healthy!”

Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t join the gang at the barge. Today, dietician Heather Bauer offers tips on the best, healthiest dishes to order at the Saugatuck landmark.


Small house salad (the best option for vegan/vegetarian); oil/vinegar dressing

The Duck’s raw bar (6 oysters or 6 littlenecks)

Shrimp cocktail

Lobster cocktail ($20, but delicious)

Steamers (skip the butter on the side)

The Black Duck’s littleneck steamed clams (go easy on the butter and beer!)

Fish entrees

Broiled salmon (ask for a veggie side, instead of rice or potatoes)

Large house salad with shrimp or salmon on top (the best dressing option is oil/vinegar)

Steamers (skip the butter on the side, or go light)

1 1/4-pound steamed lobster (skip the butter and potato if you can; depending on the market price, this may be a great deal — it comes with a house salad) 

Meat entrees

Large house salad with grilled chicken or flat iron steak (the best dressing option is oil/vinegar)

House hamburger (choose the English muffin, and make it “topless” — take the top off, and eat with a fork and knife; ask for extra lettuce and/or tomato, and a side of coleslaw instead of fries or tater tots)

Turkey burger (again, order it “topless”; eat with a fork and knife; ask for extra veggies)

Take the top off a burger. (And avoid the sour cream.)

Vegetarian options

Iceberg wedge (without the bacon and blue cheese; ask for oil/vinegar dressing instead)

Veggie Burger (order it “topless”; ask for extra veggies and avocado on the side)

Bonus dining tip from Heather

Snack or not before you go?

You might think that a snack before you go out is a good way to avoid overeating, but it’s not always true. Be honest with yourself. Think about the times you’ve done this. Did you actually eat less at the restaurant, or was your overall intake that much more? Sometimes your pre-meal snack can increase your appetite, and decrease your self-control.

A Westport favorite, for decades. (Photo/Chou Chou Merrill)

13 responses to “Menu Moments: What To Eat At The Duck

  1. The Black Duck keeps the “port” in Westport!

  2. Alida Engel

    and then we have dessert……………

  3. Their spinach salad with shrimp is spectacular. Their Lobster roll…incredible. I leave the bread on the plate. Their steamers are Legendary. I love that place

    Mary Palmieri Gai Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Cell 203-984-2169

    “Exceeding your highest expectations”


  4. Susan Iseman

    The lobster rueben- at least you get sauerkraut- fermented foods are highly nutritious! And it’s delicious.

  5. Jamie Walsh

    And do not forget $5.00 Clam Jam on Wednesday’s! They were tremendous today!

  6. Bob Penderson

    not a fan of the black duck. once got sick eating there. and then they had a fake closing/fundraiser to stay in business last winter. not cool.

    • Caryl Beatus


      • Bob Penderson

        that definitely isnt true. you can read past comments on this very blog from others that find the black duck less than favorable (as well as comments on others websites when they ‘faked’ their closing)

      • Audrey Hertzel

        Make that 2 of a kind… Severe food poisoning in 2015 and haven’t eaten there since.

    • Tracy Flood

      Your loss!!

  7. David Feldman

    love the steamers….WHEN THEY HAVE THEM!! Two out of the last three times I’ve been there, they ran out. Its like McDonald’s running out of burgers. Don’t know why the wheels are coming off the wagon, but I’ll keep going back…makes it exciting 🙂

  8. Kevin McCaul

    Someone ought to tell their surly bartenders to smile.

  9. Peter Gambaccini

    Steamers WITHOUT butter? I don’t think so.