Pic Of The Day #786

Early morning bounty, at Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Lucy Zeko)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #786

  1. Ashley Skatoff

    Now THAT! is a picture.

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Fabulous photograph!

  3. Hi. My 2nd grade birthday party, early in the 1950s, was, the 2nd half, an outing at Burying Hill Beach. Also, 2 years earlier, in the very first part of post summer, my friend and I went for supervised swims at Burying Hill Beach, just before kindergarten class, certain days. Thank you for the photo!!!

  4. Caryl Beatus


  5. Amy Schneider

    Great photo!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful shot!!!

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Are those ducks?

    Terrific photo!!!

  8. Claudia Schattman

    Love, love, love this photo!! Would love to make a print of it!!! Want to sell a high res copy?