Menu Moments: What To Order At Bartaco

The other day, “06880” introduced a new feature. Registered dietician Heather Bauer will offer tips on the best, healthiest dishes to order at local restaurants.

Her first trip is to Bartaco. Yes, Heather says, it’s quite possible to join friends at the very popular Mexican place on the river, and eat quite well. Here’s how:

Starter recommendation

Small guac, and either salsa roja or salsa verde. Skip the chips; order a few sides of raw veggies (no charge for extra veggies). Save your carbs for your cocktail or entree.

Entrees for fish lovers (choose one)

●        Chopped salad. Hold the tortilla chips; add grilled swordfish (you can use shrimp as alternative to swordfish — but note: It is soaked in buttermilk).

●        2 tuna tatako tacos wrapped in Bibb lettuce.

Tuna tatakos with Bibb lettuce

●        1 tuna tatako taco wrapped in Bibb lettuce, and 1 baja taco wrapped in lettuce. (Note: The fish is fried, but the portion is small — only 150 calories — so it is fine paired with tuna tatako).

●        Tuna poke (optional change: order without fried ginger).

Entrees for Meat Lovers (choose one)

●        2 carne asada tacos wrapped in Bibb lettuce.

●        1 carne asada taco wrapped in Bibb lettuce, and 2 chicken chorizo tacos wrapped in Bibb lettuce.

●        Roasted chicken.

●        Chopped salad; hold the chips, and add roasted chicken. Ask for double chicken, if hungry.

Entrees for Vegetarians (choose one)

●      Greens and grains (a new addition to the menu). The quinoa is the protein, so no substitutions are needed.

●        Chopped salad; hold the tortilla chips. Vegans: skip the queso, and ask for extra avocado.

●        Cauliflower taco wrapped in Bibb lettuce, and portobello taco wrapped in Bibb lettuce (vegans: skip the queso).

Cauliflower tacos

Recommended Sides

●        Spicy cucumber salad (only 70 calories!)

●        Asian slaw (50 cals!)

●        Kids’ side of avocado

Recommended Drinks

●        Bartaco skinny margarita. They use their house tequila (Libelula) without the agave, to save you on the sugar.

●        Nojito: non-alcoholic, only 60 calories

Bonus dining tip from Heather

●        Women: Wear tighter-fitting clothes to dinner. Men: Tighten your belt buckle. Both serve as a gentle reminder not to overeat.

Eat healthy — and socialize — at Bartaco.

8 responses to “Menu Moments: What To Order At Bartaco

  1. Vanessa Bradford

    Nice addition to 06880. Thanks Dan! Thanks Heather!

  2. Sandy Marmouth

    LOVE this addition. Sounds SCRUMPTIOUS. =)

  3. fabulous idea to post by the restaurant! I eat out often and will use the tips

  4. Just be sure you park properly!

  5. Richard Fogel

    since we take photos and ridicule the drivers for poor parking,why not take photos of patrons eating the worst foods?

  6. Karen Abramson

    This is a great addition Dan. Thanks for adding this to your column.

  7. Curious as to how those in the restaurant industry feel about folks that ask for several changes to the menu to accommodate their needs. Food allergies are one thing, but asking to make substitutions because the chef-prepared recipes and menu are not a match to a desired lifestyle choice seems a bit counter to the point of going out and enjoying someone else’s creation. But I’m sure there are folks who feel that if they are paying for something, then then they should be able to ask for accommodations to the given menu.

    But here’s what I found a bit disconcerting:
    “Women: Wear tighter-fitting clothes to dinner. Men: Tighten your belt buckle. Both serve as a gentle reminder not to overeat.”

    – I read this as “Be thin!”, not “Be healthy!”. Those statements are not the same thing.

  8. Heidi Castellani

    While I found some great dietary tips, Heather’s bonus tip is disconcerting.