Bookcycle’s Remarkable Journey

The Remarkable Bookcycle sure gets around.

The mobile free library — a fun, funky collaboration between writer Jane Green, her husband Ian Warburg, artist/longtime Remarkable Book Shop enthusiast Miggs Burroughs and former Staples High School student Ryan Peterson — made its way from the Green/Warburgs’ Owenoke home to Bedford Square last fall.

EJ Zebro — owner of TAP StrengthLab — pedaled it over to Main Street recently, where it greeted visitors to the 1st Outdoor Market behind Savvy + Grace.

But Jane — a client and friend of EJ’s — told him the Bookcycle had to be back at the beach for the summer.

He and his TAP staff jumped at the chance to help. When the weather was right, Lauren Leppla hopped on, and made her move.

Local director Amelia Arnold chronicled the trip. If you didn’t see her (and it) riding by, here you go:

3 responses to “Bookcycle’s Remarkable Journey

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Okay, so number 1: totally awesome song choice, “Low Rider”. Tres funk!

    And two: is it weird that I’m getting a “Stepford Wives” vibe here (the way she is dressed, the location shots that some of that movie was filmed in, seen here, riding a “day” bike in a “day” dress, and other things I can’t quite put a finger on)?

    And three: cute and fun vid, even in its inherent weirdness.

    In any case, I do miss the Remarkable Book Shop days.

    Geez, how come sentimentality and age grows more intense, as it coincides?

    Never mind … we all probably don’t need philosophical hacks, at this moment anyway (even if I just did precisely that!)

  2. The video is adorable, but she should be wearing a helmet.

  3. Wendy Cusick

    This is awesome. Wonderful video and good choice on the tune 📚🚲🎶🎺🏖️📚🚲