Headstand For WestPAC

Westporters know Larry Silver for his iconic images of “The Jogger” and “Beach Showers” — photographs taken at Longshore and Compo Beach, respectively.

But to the rest of the world, his most iconic image is “Headstand.”

Silver — a longtime resident whose works have been shown around the globe — took that shot in 1954 as part of a series in Muscle Beach, California.

Years later, the International Center for Photography featured those photos. The rest is history.

“Headstand” hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the RISD Museum, and the Getty Museum, among many others. It’s been shown around the globe.

“Headstand” (Photo/Larry Silver)

History will be made again on Wednesday, June 12.

Friends of WestPAC — the Westport Public Art Collections — holds its annual fundraiser at Rive Bistro (7 p.m.). “Headstand” is one of the world-class pieces in the auction. It’s the first time Silver has donated the photo anywhere.

He’s been urged for years to show the piece here. He was reluctant, claiming it’s not an image of Westport. Finally — thanks to WestPAC — he feels comfortable doing so.

You can bid on many wonderful works at the WestPAC event (and enjoy great food and more, too).

But only “Headstand” will have you doing backflips.

(For tickets and more information about the June 12 WestPAC fundraiser, click here.)

3 responses to “Headstand For WestPAC

  1. Ann Chernow

    Dear Dan, Many Westport artist are also being shown at WestPAC/. If you ask Michelle Mechanic or Kathie Bennewitz for pictures from the rest of us, please consider showing them also on 06880. That would be lovely for all of us, and fair. xAnn >

  2. Thanks, Ann. The info I got came from Michelle Mechanic, about Larry. That was the hook for this story.

    I feature Westport artists often. Three days ago, my main story was on Norma Minkowitz.

    Click here to see how many times you’ve been mentioned on “06880”: https://06880danwoog.com/?s=ann+chernow

    • Michelle Mechanic

      I’m just seeing this now. We are SO excited to show amazing work by local legends Ann Chernow, who has graciously donated one of her own works AND a Calder triptych, and Leonard Everett Fisher, and Larry Silver.

      WestPAC is also proud to showcase emerging local artists Darcy Hicks and Liz Leggett. Our Gala on June 12th also boasts Andy Warhol by Sunday B Morning, Jeff Koons lifetime and after works, Sarah Small, and Elinor Evans and Nathan Ritterpusch courtesy of local artist’s rep – Julie Gannon. All work benefits our Public Art Collections. Tickets are $90.00, but a $350.00 sponsorship gets you a catalog preview and bidding! So Ann – as you see, our lots are kept private for our sponsors!

      If anyone has questions about the event, please reach me at michellemechanic@gmail.com