Bear With Us: The Sequel

Earlier today, “06880” posted news of a bear sighting on North Avenue — along with tips of what to do (and not do) if a bear is near.

A couple of hours later, this bear was spotted on Hermit Lane — a few miles away, near Wilton Road.

(Photo/Alec Shutze)

The same one? A different one?

We’re not sure.

But click here if you need a reminder of how to act if you see a bear.

Or more.

5 responses to “Bear With Us: The Sequel

  1. Sherry Jagerson

    Friends back yard

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  2. David Stalling

    The name Compo supposedly derives from the Paugussett word, Compaug, meaning “the bear’s fishing ground.” It’s good to see indigenous species return to their historic, native range. I hope people will learn all they can about bears — particularly how to live alongside them with minimal conflict — and give the animals all the space and respect they need and deserve.

  3. Michael Brennecke

    Did you ever think that Westport would ever become such a wild kingdom? Seemed like, if anything, we’d see less and less of nature as time went by. It’s a real lesson in the adaptability of all these animals.

  4. Frannie Southworth

    Thank you for this information Dan. I clicked on both links and read about black bears. I hope people just walk away and the information said that the bear will too. They are not looking to attack humans. It said don’t attract them by having uncleaned grills uncovered outside or pet food left outside. They recommend taking in bird feeders from March-November. I would hate to see a bear harmed because we don’t follow these instructions.Thanks again.

  5. Irene Mastriacovo

    Just read on my Chestnut Hill blog that a Black Bear was seen in Cranberry Park yesterday and East Rocks Road this morning.