Pic Of The Day #763

Burying Hill Beach inlet (Photo/Lucy Zeko)

14 responses to “Pic Of The Day #763

  1. Wow…..
    Needs nothing else said

  2. Susan Hopkins


  3. Jenny Rago McCarthy


  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Now, that’s a new viewpoint of Burying Hill that I cannot recall ever seeing before.

    Love this.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Magnificent! It looks like an oil painting.

  7. I keep mentioning diagonals. In this splendid picture they lead the eye into the composition – the line of the shore and of the rocks, the slope of the treetops and their reflections, and the lines of the clouds. I think the yellow tint is a bit unreal but I like it. This is a different Burying Hill to me too.

  8. Patricia McMahon

    Mesmerizing and serene.
    What a gorgeous photo

  9. Athena Ploumis Bradley

    This is breathtakingly Beautiful ! Thank You !

  10. One of my favorite spots in town- wonderful photo, Lucy!

  11. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Breathtaking! What a spectacular photo!

  12. Margaret Bisceglie

    Thank you for the beautiful photo !!!!!! More to follow , I hope .Peg Bisceglie

  13. Amy Schneider


  14. Michael Brennecke

    Looks like an old hand tinted postcard.

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