Sandy Shores

For years, tides and storms have pushed sand onto Old Mill Beach.

But it’s hard to realize how much has built up — until you see the activity going on there now.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Flood mitigation efforts are a start.

Who knows? Maybe the lifeguards will come back too.

5 responses to “Sandy Shores

  1. Tom Ziobro

    When will they get around to Greens Farms Beach?

    • Chris Swan

      ‘Greens Farms Beach’ – a k a Burying Hill Beach – was being graded today, as was Sherwood Island’s East Beach.

  2. Cristina Negrin

    I guess that’s good but what about the oyster farming there?

  3. Craig Clark

    The sand that is accumulating at the west end of the cove is due to the jetty at the state park. My family fought the state over their plan to lower the height but lost. That is why there has been so much erosion at the east end of the cove and a tremendous amount that is now in the mill pond. Fifty years ago, the pond at high tide had 3-4’ of water. Latest picture I have seen and my last visit would indicate half or less. One BIG storm and the mill pond could be closed off.