Pic Of The Day #732

Dog day at Compo Beach. (Photo/Anthony Carafa)

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  1. Ana Rogers, what a wonderful picture!
    Missing Westport,
    Diane Cady

  2. Diane, I did not take the photo. The photo was taken by Anthony Carafa, who is a dog trainer and works with those Shepherds. I thought it was so great that I sent it to Dan to post.

  3. Hi Dan, I’m so glad that you posted this photo, but I did not take the photo. It was taken by Anthony Carafa, who is a dog trainer. He was training those Shepherds at Compo. Can you please correct? Thanks! Ana


  4. Susan Hopkins


  5. Eleanor Sasso

    How beautiful! I’m a GSD person having had 6 in my lifetime. Now on #’s 5 and 6.
    I train and care for dogs too., am impressed at the pose Anthony Carafa was able to get!
    I can look him up, but if anyone has his contact , can you please post it here? Thanks..

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Shepard “mixology”!

    Love this!

  7. Nancy Conklin

    I just LOVE this!!!

  8. Who is old enough to remember….RIN TIN TIN????

  9. what the hell is so cute about jamming 5 large dogs into a ten foot round cauldron….nothing CUTE about it.

    • Richard Fogel

      agree . I rather jam 10 locals in there and see how it feels..People

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Have breakfast. Dan Katz. You’ll feel better. Haven’t you seen puppies sleeping in a pile more crowded than these dogs? Give the trainer credit for keeping a group of dogs in one place long enough to get a photo. It’s an even bigger accomplishment with small children.

      • Nonsense, Joyce Barnhart. Puppies voluntarily huddling for warmth and succor is far different from large, unrelated, grown dogs being jammed into a confined and far too small, concrete container…..I do NOT give THAT trainer credit for anything other than an opportunistic and wrongful treatment of dogs in his care…any other spin is pure rationalization.
        Though it is true, Joyce, I had not had breakfast.

        • Joyce Barnhart

          Have you eaten yet? 😉

          • Yes. Ate and then caught your comment……but I, truth be told, I am a bit hungry again.

            • Joyce Barnhart

              We’ll agree to disagree?
              I’m heading to the kitchen for breakfast now. Easter Saturday – a perfect day for matzohbrie but this shiksa has no matzoh. Stay dry today.

        • Richard Fogel

          Dan I agree . It may look cute but when you think about it, it is likely cruel

          • Sharon Paulsen

            Hmm, then maybe we should all rethink the Westminster Dog show training ethics … if we’re gonna talk about “cruelty” here, aye?

            I’m an animal lover and I support activist groups that help to stop animal abuses.

            But (there’s usually a “but”, right?) I’m not sure that this photo op squarely fits into that category of possible cruelty.

            Might be a bit sniffy here (pun!), but seriously, I think those pups look well cared for, along with being well trained, and my hope is that they are far from being traumatized during this photo shoot.

            If I’m proven wrong, then I’ll jump on the “not cool” bandwagon, to be sure.

            • Daniel Moskal

              They are very well cared for two of the dogs in the photo are mine there names are Otto and Chewie

    • Harry Smiley

      Take a Valium or two. Wtf

  10. Great pic that demonstrates the trainers ability to get dogs – even a pack of German shepherds to cooperate (impressive!). I have crossed paths with him and the dogs at the beach with my own dog, I do not know anything about his professional experience, I’ve seen him with many different breeds / sizes definitely has a knack for tuning into each dog’s personality – he’s also always happy to share dog advice.
    I hope someone brings his attention to this post.

    • It demonstrates the trainer’s a jerk who mishandled the dogs in his charge for a photo op.

      • Harry Smiley

        Get over yourself. Obviously you are a person who has no idea about dogs and / or their training. It’s nice to know I can come here and find all the perfect people complaining about something.

  11. Mike Hibbard

    Do you plant seeds or bulbs to get these doggonegreat results?

  12. Kevin McCaul

    I thought dogs are persona non grata at Compo after April 1st?

  13. LOL… the one on the left looks a bit stressed but other than that.. what a group of chill dogs! Imo, don’t think they suffered in the least. Cute! I wish the world of dogs could be so well cared for.