A Happy Osprey Update

Yesterday, “06880” reader James McDonald said he had not seen Westport’s ospreys at their Post Road East nest in a week. He wrote that sparrows had taken up residence there, and accused Regency Centers — the owner of the Fresh Market osprey pole — with “effectively murdering” the raptor family.

Put down your pitchforks!

A few minutes ago, alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens spotted this sight in the trees behind Terrain:

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

Chip reports that the male is in branches above the nest, looking down at what he assumes is the mother.

He hears noises, and thinks she may be laying eggs.

Just in time for Easter!

15 responses to “A Happy Osprey Update

  1. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    Sweet! Jives with what Betsy Peregrine said yesterday: that she had spotted them in the nest. Perhaps, the sparrows are sharing 🙂

  2. Proof that the P&Z members take thier job seriously!….LOL

  3. India Penney


  4. That is encouraging! It also got me thinking.

    Can the Town count the various osprey nests around Westport towards their 8-30g housing target? Particularly with the sparrows moving into the Terrain spot it would seem to fall under the definition of “affordable”.

  5. Jeff Giannone

    OMG, you mean they found a nest naturally? Amazing, good for them!

  6. Kathie Bennewitz

    I saw them in the nest today!!

  7. Jim McDonald

    So happy to have been wrong. I saw them also today and all looks fine…



  8. Lawrence Basco

    If someone peered into your house and breached your PRIVACY??????

  9. Michael Don Sullivan

    Great follow up Dan! Thanks to you Mr.Stevens! I’ve been following the saga of the osprey family. And I certainly appreciate that I am able, thanks to “06880”! Thanks again Dan! From Brattleboro VT! Michael Don Sullivan.

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, the birds seem to be resilient, in spite of human error.

    I’d like to see less “human error”, and more human empathy and awareness.

    Tall order?

  11. Rindy Higgins

    Dan, thanks so much for keeping us in the know!

  12. Sparrows often share a nest with an Osprey family. Also, mother Osprey doesn’t settle in for egg laying until she has eaten enough to last through the process. She was probably just down at the Sherwood Diner.

  13. marci caporizzo

    YES…..they were quite busy today….he was bringing her branches to work into the nest and was gathering up some of the branches that were spread on the parking lot of Fresh Market. All seems to be going well…now if she hasn’t been too stressed by the original upset she can lay a couple of fertile eggs and have a couple of healthy chicks. Usually the egg laying happens by the end of April so she has still some time before settling down for incubation.

    BTW….there are some irons in the fire for an ‘Osprey Naming Contest’ and some other exciting events….hopefully an announcement will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks. It seems only fitting that this pair have some “Propper Names”….

    Thanks Dan for keeping our lines of communication and information open for all to check in on our Avian Pair….and all the other topics that we find here on 06880….

  14. I’d been wondering, as I hadn’t seen them on my daily drives past the site. Glad others have spotted the birds.

  15. Ellen Landowne

    Has anyone seen activity in the nest recently? I haven’t.