A Sad Osprey Update

Earlier today, alert — and disheartened — “06880” reader James McDonald posted a comment about our ospreys. I drove by the Post Road East site this afternoon, and saw the same thing.

The ospreys have abandoned the nest that was rebuilt by the inconsiderate and ignorant people who took it down.

Sparrows were in it today. I have not seen the ospreys in a week or so.

This incident should never be forgotten. The company that did it has effectively murdered a family of beautiful ospreys.

Two weeks ago, the ospreys were back in their nest. Property owner Regency replaced the platform they removed two days earlier. (Photo/Carolyn McPhee)

36 responses to “A Sad Osprey Update

  1. Ellen Shedlarz

    Can’t the ASPCA get them and take care of them u til they can be on their Own. The company should have to pay all fees.

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  2. Will they build another nest somewhere else?

  3. Chip Stephens

    Do not count them out. They may be out gorging out on fish if she is close to dropping the eggs. We have a nest across from our home in Maine and some times they check out for a few days. I believe neighboring employees state they have seen them recently.
    Put down the pitchforks and fire for now…. ma nature is unpredictable!

  4. India Penney

    I’ve been looking for them for days. I was afraid of this.
    I’m heartsick.
    But I have to trust that they’ve found another more suitable home for themselves. :'(

  5. Cristina Negrin

    I looked for them yesterday and saw activity in the nest but not what I expected…sparrows? So sorry!

  6. Cristina Negrin

    The restored nest was sinister. Either by human touch or worse. I’m so sorry for these birds. Can you imagine coming home to your semi-annual home to find it was vandalized? Could you be comfortable there again? Nothing about what the removal is innocent and should be punished by law…somehow

  7. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    That’s heartbreaking to hear. I’ve been home for about a week and hadn’t heard anything so I thought all was well. Is it possible they nested elsewhere? Is there a reason they, that you know of, that they would abandon the nest? From the photos, they appeared to have acclimated. DEEP needs to hit Regency with fines, for what they did.

  8. Clifford Sosin

    The osprey probably just moved elsewhere

    Murder is a strong word and should be reserved for situations where there is real evidence

    Just my opinion

  9. Leslie Riback

    I have been watching the nest for the last 3 days and I feared they had left as they have not been there and I saw sparrows flying about. This is so disheartening….. I hope they have found a new suitable home and it is not too late for them to lay eggs and bring up their young. I feel very sad.

  10. Harry Smiley

    They were there this morning. Some people need to relax a little.

  11. I saw them both there on Saturday while at Terrain.

    • Saranda Berisa

      I did too. I saw one with its tail up in the air. Maybe the nest is deep enough that you can’t see them killing about in there?

  12. Marci Caporizzo

    I returned from Massachusetts on Tuesday of this week 4-16-19 and took a video of one on the nest at around 1:13pm ….the other approached and switched places with the one on the nest and flew away. Usually the eggs are laid by the end of April and there is the possibility that the female was so stressed by the events that she cannot lay eggs or they won’t be viable for this year and they will leave them if the realize they are not fertile. As Chip said they may be off fishing as well. I did not see her until the male returned and exchanged places with her….let’s hope that they are successful….I’m not sure a video can be posted here or I would willingly do so.

  13. Polly Temple

    This is truly sad news!

  14. Jack Whittle

    While it is truly sad that the osprey pair have abandoned this nest site, and it’s quite clear where the blame lies, I’m not sure I follow you with the “effectively murdered” these ospreys point. They may have irrevocably interrupted a breeding season for this pair, however.

    • Don’t they have more than one litter* a season? I have sparrows in a birdhouse outside my kitchen window and they have at least two a year.

      * litter — I don’t know what else to call it.

  15. I was there today and saw female down in nest bowl and male perched in the pine tree nearby. Not counting them out yet. They may or may not have a successful nesting season after all the stress etc, but at least they are trying to give it a go.

  16. Patrick Church

    Everyone should demand the investigation and prosecution of the individual/individuals that removed the nest. This company musy pay. Go to every town meeting and fight them ar every turn every time. Disgusting

  17. Cherie Quain

    When the get the human scent they leave (:

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    • Ruth Donohue

      Mammals react to human scent. Birds don’t. Birds of prey like Ospreys rely on sight much more than smell. Hopefully they are out getting a good feed before laying eggs. What Regency Centers did remains inexcusable and illegal under the the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Their next P&Z hearing is April 25th. I plan to attend this one as well.

  18. Richard Fogel

    i admire the concern for nature. Why dont we feel the same about poor abused people??

    • India Penney

      That’s a valid question … and I think I can answer it.
      It isn’t actually an either/or situation. I’m guessing that a good many people who have a concern for nature also do their part for humans in need. You can do both at the same time. I know I do, and I’ll bet you do too.
      But people do tend to focus on one issue over all others. There’s a quotation written on the wall as you exit Anne Frank’s attic in Amsterdam that helps to explain that tendency:
      “One single Anne Frank moves us more than countless others. If we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live.” – Primo Levi

  19. I saw them on Sunday 14 while sitting in Dunkin‘ Donuts. Was then out of town and haven’t been up that end of town since returning yesterday. I’m sure they are out fishing!

  20. 7:30pm, Thursday – I live in the vicinity and just saw one flying around the nest. Exhale.

  21. Lorrie Nantz

    This may be unrelated but it is my imagination that the actual “new platform” is currently SMALLER than the previous that was taken down? Might this have anything to do with what may have happened?

  22. Caryl Beatus


  23. Mary Ann Batsell

    I saw them there yesterday and today
    I think mama is sitting on the eggs and
    is very hunkered down when she is
    But today I saw one of them perched
    On the edge of the nest. It looks to
    Me that they are still here !😊

  24. This is tragic. Wonder what happened. Perhaps the female was too stressed to lay healthy eggs.

    Any news on accountability, e.g. penalty assessed for violating federal law?

  25. Jennifer Rankine

    Sounds like people have been seeing them and
    an osprey information source states that “Smaller birds, including House Sparrows and Monk Parakeets, sometimes nest within an osprey’s nest. Osprey pairs can construct their nests in as few as 7 to 10 days”.

  26. Jill K. Alcott

    How can we “make them pay” so this does not happen again? Petition? Demonstration? What do folks think will be most effective? This is so unacceptable!

  27. Carol Anderson

    I contacted them but no nearby nests. She said she thinks there is one available at Greenwich hospital and maybe in Derby. I would like to do one with you if you want maybe share in Greenwich? I’ll forward her email to you. Let me know what you think. Have a nice Passover. Hope it all goes well. 🐇🐣


  28. With all due respect, this update is much more doomsday-catastrophic than I’ve grown accustomed to seeing on this site. If they are indeed gone, does that mean they have to be dead? What if another nest is actually quieter, safer, closer to food sources, and less filled with the fumes of car exhaust than this one was? I hope everything else in the writer’s world is okay, because this just seemed uncharacteristically extreme to me.

  29. Scoot MacPherson

    No doubt not the only to comment to this affect, but I will add to the chorus.
    Regency should be prosecuted to the full extent of every Federal and State law.
    Disgusting and egregous bad actors.
    Including the top dog’s disingenuous ass covering mea culpa…

    • Ruth Donohue

      You can contact the Region 5 office of U S Fish and Wildlife in Hadley, MA. They enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act In our region. Unfortunately, with their large coverage area and limited resources they are not likely to pursue this issue as the platform was replaced. Next best thing, show up to their next hearing on the 25th.