Photo Challenge #224

I’ve lived in Westport my whole life.

I know Routes 1, 33, 53 and 136. Of course I know I-95, and I know the Merritt Parkway is officially called Route 15. (I gave up on News12 once when a reporter called it that.)

But I never had a clue that the Sherwood Island Connector is an official state route.

Yep: It’s 476.

That’s one amazing factoid I learned from Patrick Laffaye. I also was impressed with the 2 images he supplied for last week’s Photo Challenge. They show dirt roads, and an impossibly overgrown path (with signs pointing in opposite directions).

All were taken at Sherwood Island State Park. (Click here for the photos.)

Very impressively, Brian Stern posted the right answer just 2 minutes after it went live. (He did not, however, mention Route 476.)

Nor did Diane Bosch, Jalna Jaeger and René Fontaine, when they checked in with the correct answer.

But Wendy Cusick knew that arcane Route 476 fact. Well done!

This week’s Photo Challenge is from the other end of town (duh). But where in Saugatuck is it? If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #224

  1. Martin Gitlin

    The Saugatuck Post Office.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Railroad bridge.

  3. Michael Calise

    Post Office

  4. That sign looks practically brand new. I don’t think I have ever seen it.

    Plus, that DBU reference seems so unusual.

  5. Post office.

  6. Correct – this is the (sorry excuse for the) post office in Saugatuck. Hey — at least it’s better than that trailer in the parking lot off Saugatuck Avenue a few years back.

    • Wow, am I out of it. I didn’t realize there was another post office in Saugatuck since the longtime one on Riverside Ave closed.

  7. Joyce Barnhart

    Like Fred, I didn’t know there was another Saugatuck Post Office. Where is it?

  8. Corner of Franklin and Ketchum Streets

  9. I remember when Westport had a lovely post office.

    • I think the Green’s Farms post office feels like it’s straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting (and I imagine it has been incorporated in at least one work by Stevan Dohanos).

      • Peter Barlow

        Is the Greens Farms Post Office still there? I always liked that one.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        That reminds me of the Southport Post Office (that whole little “town” is so adorable in its own right), which I frequented while working for Franzen Architects during a few summers between college years at Ithaca.

        Cute. Old school. Smelled like a cross between an elementary classroom/musty paperbacks, and print ink (again … old school).

  10. 25 Franklin Street – the PO Box unit

  11. Saugatuck Post office

  12. Adam Schwartz

    DBU Detached Box Unit
    A unit offering Post Office Box service that is not staffed when open and is usually in a leased facility near a Post Office, station, or branch. The DBU may have an Automated Postal Center that sells stamps and other mailing services. A DBU is often established when a neighboring facility cannot expand its Post Office Box section.