Photo Challenge #223

On the one hand, it might be called cheating that Rick Benson immediately knew the site of last week’s Photo Challenge.

Alec Head’s image showed the Rotary International symbol in cement. Rick said it was at a bus stop shelter — either in front of Super Stop & Shop, or on Kings Highway North near Canal Street. (It was the latter. Click here for the photo.)

Rick should know. As a longtime Westport Rotary Club member — he’s active at the state level too — he was a driving force behind both shelter projects.

On the other hand, it’s not cheating when we’re highlighting such good works. So let’s give Rick — and all of Rotary — a hand!

This week’s Photo Challenge is a 2-fer. They’re both taken in the same area. And — believe it or not — both are near a state route running through Westport.

If you think you know where you’d see these sights, click “Comments” below.

(Photos/Patrick Laffaye)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #223

  1. Sherwood Island State Park. (Western end)?

  2. Just North of route 15 on Dragon’s Rowe

  3. Inside Sherwood Island State Park.

  4. Correct, Brian and Diane. But what is the state route and number?

  5. State Route 476 which is know as Sherwood Island Connector off of US RT 1 Post Rd East and crosses over I-95 and is the entrance exit ramp 18.

  6. Jeff Giannone

    Shouldn’t there be a stop sign there? Lol

  7. this, in the town where Eno founded traffic clarity-safety, (just joking, I’m survival of the fittest type so this sign set up is all right by me, 😉

  8. Sherwood island

  9. René Fontaine

    Sherwood Island State Park

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