[BREAKING NEWS] Stop & Shop Employees Strike

Westport’s Super Stop & Shop employees have walked off the job.

Their strike is part of a region-wide protest over wages and benefits. More than 31,000 workers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island — represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 371 — have been without a contract since late February.

Stop & Shop counters that its employees are among the highest paid in the area. They say the contract changes they propose are needed to compete with non-union competitors.

“06880” reader Robin Singer — who was in the supermarket when the walkout took place a few minutes ago — said she was told that managers would lock the doors as soon as the final checkouts took place.

Westport Super Stop & Shop workers on strike today. (Photo/Robin Singer)

12 responses to “[BREAKING NEWS] Stop & Shop Employees Strike

  1. Dermot Meuchner

    Another place I will not shop.

  2. I’m there too!!!

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  3. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Is this a OXYMORON…”the contract changes they propose are needed to compete with non-union competitors”!

  4. Tracy Porosoff

    What a striking development! I was there at 11:04 this morning (or so my check out receipt says) and was assisted by several different but equally courteous, helpful and patient employees.

  5. If I crossed a picket line, my grandmother would turn over in her grave. So I’ll use the People’s Bank at Compo Road.

  6. Same at the Norwalk S&S.

  7. Sorry, no sympathy here. The folks in the deli department always seemed to be on strike.

  8. Just to set the record straight I was at the store 10 minutes ago and it’s open managers are there to greet you and the self checkouts are open.Hurry up and get your milk and bread before it’s all gone

  9. Ellen Naftalin

    I don’t cross picket lines. I am with the workers. I will go else where until they sort this out.

  10. Douglas Dufault

    I hope they never come back.
    The store and it’s employees suck.
    I take neither side, but the entire product sucks.

  11. When in doubt, and I am, side with the workers.

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