Home Again

After a rough weekend, our ospreys are back loving life.

And we love them.

(Photos/Carolyn McPhee)

40 responses to “Home Again

  1. Patricia McMahon

    Photos are fabulous!!!!

  2. Denise Torve

    The best, happiest news! Thank you for keeping everyone posted.

  3. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    Stunning, gorgeous photos! Wow! Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Bless the ospreys for hanging in there. Thanks again, Dan for your outstanding coverage.

  4. Beautiful pics!

  5. This made my day. Thank you so much for the update and the wonderful photos.

  6. Spectacular photos, especially the top one.

  7. Jens Buettner

    This is so beautiful! …..and they seem to be happy if you can say so!

  8. Aww… this makes me so happy. What a great start to a beautiful spring day. Thanks, Dan!

  9. Roberta Tager


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  10. Great coverage here. Think you helped make it happen.


  11. I nominate Dan Woog for Unsung Hero. What a good deed.

  12. Teary-eyed, those pics made me; especially the first one, of course…sweet.

  13. India Penney

    ♪ ♫ When we find ourselves in times of trouble
    A pair of osprey comes to we
    Proving there’s still goodness
    Let them be. ♫ ♪

  14. So great!! Made my day.

  15. I agree with Leslie Wolfe….you definitely were the UNSUNG HERO in this saga!! What a happy ending!

  16. Kathryn Sirico

    All that commotion and lying when the truth would have been sufficient. Regency has a terrible track record in the two Post Road Properties.

  17. Bonnie Bradley

    These photos brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Carolyn for your work and for giving the photos to Dan, who made this whole thing happen by marshaling his “troops” for a great cause. Pure joy in a time of troubles…

  18. Cherie Quain

    ‘Love birds’

    See u soon!!😘

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  19. This is indeed wonderful but don’t forget the PZ mtg tomorrow night. Regency Centers must be held to account and their disingenuous ‘apology’ based on ‘community feedback ‘ isn’t really enough. Let us show up in force, be respectful and ask intelligent questions.

  20. Nancy Axthelm

    SO great.

  21. A beautiful sight!
    Fantastic photography, too!

  22. Leslie Riback

    The photos are fabulous and I am overjoyed! Such gorgeous birds…
    Once again thanks to Dan and all the amazing people who made this happen. And let’s keep advocating for all the creatures that make Westport and this world so beautiful!

  23. Wonderful sight. Heart warming! Thanks Dan for spreading the word!!

  24. Such a happy ending!

  25. Peter Barlow

    How come ospreys need platforms built by humans? Back in the 70s or 80s when the osprey was almost extinct I photographed them on Gardiner’s Island, a place that has hardly changed in centuries, and the ospreys made their own nests in trees.

    • Kerry Foley

      Based on what I’ve read, platforms are used to give the birds a more favorable alternative when they start building nests in less than optimal places in the same vicinity (in this case, power poles). I can’t answer why these birds chose the power poles over trees in the area, though.

  26. Julie Fatherley

    Quite a wonderful ending to our tale of woe. Such magnificent birds and
    exquisite photographs to remind us of the beauty Nature affords us.
    Thank you Dan and all those who made their voices heard.
    Julie Fatherley

  27. With each to each imparting sweet intents
    For this new year, as brooding bird to bird–
    I will be cared about, kept out of harm
    And schemed for, safe in love as with a charrm…
    — Robert Browning

  28. Michele Smolen

    So wonderful this humane ending.

  29. Trish Leavitt

    More great photos! I think it’s great that so many people are following the ospreys and learning so much about them. Thanks for all you do, Dan! The ospreys look pretty happy.

  30. Shannon McArthur

    This just makes me so happy!

  31. Kathryn Coster

    Great pics….very happy ending !!

  32. Hopefully, Regency will let the nest stay and not take it down after the new babies have flown the coop.
    The Co. created a P. R. nightmare for themselves and they should be called out on this whole episode.
    Thursday night is when us Westporters should let Regency know how disappointed we are in the actions they took.

  33. Celeste Champagne

    Thanks to you, Dan Woog, for keeping this matter front and center, and to all those who grabbed onto it and ran the gamut to right this terrible wrong!

  34. Scott Bennewitz

    In the second photo there appears to be a Property sticker…can’t tell if it is CL&P. Anyone know? Certainly not Regency property to remove.

  35. Looking at the wonderful photos, one is reminded of how thoughtless and cruel were those bastards who took the nest down….as pleasing as it is to have the nest and the birds back, it is disheartening to know that such people exist.

  36. Bonnie Bradley

    Observation from afar: in the photos it appears that the metal straps holding the platform to the pole have 4 holes for screws to secure the straps to the platform – with screws in only 2 of the available holes. Why? Oh well, we know the answer… At the very least all 4 screws should be present.

    (This is NOT to suggest that anything be done while the birds are still in the nest!)

    The stick nest is heavy, the birds are heavy. Strong winds and drenching rain (yes, global warming is real and happening every day) can make this top heavy situation even more tenuous. Strong gusts of wind, a big nor’easter for example, could blow the platform off the pole. But before next year when the birds return knowledgable people could make the platform much more secure… even by just installing those missing screws. Other measures to secure the platform could also be made. Just saying….

  37. Ruth Donohue

    Reminder, the Planning and Zoning hearing for Regency Center’s proposed changes to this property tonight at 7 pm. The public can view their plans at the Planning and Zoning office in Town Hall.